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DPC Journal SPOTLIGHT: Meet Dr. Robert Nelson of “Encompass HD” … Another Win for Patients and Blow to the Status Quo

Introducing Encompass Health Direct: Another Win for Patients and Blow to the Status Quo By Robert Nelson, MD |Direct Primary Care Physician | I research & write about how market-based reforms can transform & save healthcare FEBRUARY 25, 2016 – After pushing through the delays and renovation snafus, we opened a little behind schedule, but… Read More ›

CES 2016, TECHNOLOGY and HEALTH: (MedWand) Device to Replace Onsite Clinics

Handheld Device Takes Vital Signs Remotely By Robert Lowes, January 11, 2016 | MedScape LAS VEGAS — Samir Qamar, MD, a family physician with big ambitions to transform medicine, stood on a stage here at the Consumer Technology Association 2016 Digital Health Summit and conducted a physical examination of a woman on a giant video screen. Samantha,… Read More ›

DPC TECH.: MedWand to Demo “Virtual Medical Examination” Technology at CES 2016

Novel Device Allows Consumers to be Medically Examined from Anywhere Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) January 04, 2016 MedWand, recent winner of the prestigious Health 2.0 Launch! award, will be showcasing its groundbreaking technology at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, Nevada. MedWand is the world’s first handheld device that combines several diagnostic tools for use… Read More ›

BLANCHARD, MD: Response to Detroit News Letter to the Editor … “Why do we have insurance for primary care?”

By John Blanchard MD CEO | Premier Private Physicians Management LLC Office 248-220-1560 Why do we have insurance for primary care? Insurance is meant to be a mechanism to cover financially catastrophic events that occur rarely. Primary care is an inexpensive event that occurs frequently. Having insurance for primary care is like having… Read More ›

Telemedicine finds its disruptive technology

Posted November 30, 2015 – 4:05am By Linda Simpson, Special to the Las Vegas Business Press When Dr. Samir Qamar, CEO and founder of MedLion, a direct primary care company, received a phone call from the internet giant Google, he took the call and listened to the proposal. The frustration of their ensuing collaboration ultimately led… Read More ›

[DPC Journal Archives] Garrison BLISS, MD: ‘There are simpler steps Congress should consider to cure Medicare’s ills.’ [A Trending Story Today]

By Garrison Bliss, MD — MARCH 4, 2014 — I know that there is going to be another scuffle over the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR). I know that we have already paid $150 billion on “doc fixes” since 1997, and I know that everyone in healthcare is trying to make sure that their ox… Read More ›

MEDIBID: Is Paying Cash the Best Method for Medical Care?

Posted By MediChick on Friday, October 9, 2015 in Free market medicine Nearly 6,000 physicians across the country run cash-only practices, and that number continues to increase by 25% each year. Physicians wish to regain control over their practice from the reigns of insurance and spend more time with patients. A cash-only practice may be… Read More ›

ICD-10: It’s Nice Not Knowing You … ~Jeff Gold, MD

By Dr. Jeff Gold, Gold Direct Care, Boston, MASS. Yesterday, October 1st 2015, was a very critical day for the “disease management” system that we mistake for a healthcare system in the United States. It was when the new coding system called ICD-10 goes live for a majority of American physicians and Nurse Practitioners. This is… Read More ›

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