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JEFF GOLD, MD: “The Solution to Making Our Healthcare System Affordable May Be a Lesson From Our Past.”

By Dr. Jeff Gold, Gold Direct Care, Boston, MASS. FEBRUARY 3, 2016 – For a state that prides itself on providing superior healthcare services for its citizens, Massachusetts is emerging as the state that no other state wants to emulate. No matter how much policymakers tinker with the state’s delivery of healthcare, we have the… Read More ›

ICD-10: It’s Nice Not Knowing You … ~Jeff Gold, MD

By Dr. Jeff Gold, Gold Direct Care, Boston, MASS. Yesterday, October 1st 2015, was a very critical day for the “disease management” system that we mistake for a healthcare system in the United States. It was when the new coding system called ICD-10 goes live for a majority of American physicians and Nurse Practitioners. This is… Read More ›

HARVARD: A Visit to Gold Direct Care … Massachusetts’ First Direct Primary Care Practice.

By Jessica Alpert SEPTEMBER 24, 2015 – In the Center’s quest to learn more about the direct primary care (DPC) model and movement, four members from the Center’s team traveled to Marblehead, MA in early August to visit Gold Direct Care.  Gold Direct Care is located in the heart of downtown Marblehead, in a beautiful… Read More ›

GOLD, MD: “The Primary Care Shortage … How Significant Can an Email Be?”

By Jeff Gold, MD, Gold Direct Care AUGUST 31, 2015 – We often read about the Primary Care shortage across the country continuing to grow, especially in states like Massachusetts that have a higher proportion of specialists. Some will argue that its exaggerated but numbers do not lie. Call a local doctors office and find… Read More ›

JEFF GOLD, MD: ‘So there is the value now lets look at the perspective. Our maximum monthly rate is $125 for age 65 and over. Here are some examples of “value/perspective” to ponder …’

By Jeff Gold, MD, Gold Direct Care MAY 19, 2015 – So the main question we get asked a lot by former and prospective patients regarding  DPC is “why should I pay you when I already pay insurance”?  This is a very good question and I think I have a very good response- what value does… Read More ›

BOSTON: (WBUR) RADIO — Your Doctor, Always Available, For A Monthly Fee

May 21, 2015 | 7:26 AM | Martha Bebinger BOSTON – For 10 years, Jeff Gold showed up to a job he wanted to love: being a family doctor. “I was busy as a bee,” says Gold, 39, with up to 2,500 patients, seeing 20 or so a day. Rushing from one patient to the… Read More ›

GOLD, MD: ‘The Home Visit … Bringing It Back.’

By Dr. Jeffrey S. Gold APRIL 29, 2015 – Yesterday I did a home visit for one of my long time patients that recently got discharged from a Skilled Nursing facility. She has a very complex medical history and has been in and out of hospitals and rehab facilities over the past few years. She… Read More ›

DPC Journal Spotlight on Dr. JEFF GOLD: “DPC is a win-win for everyone,” Dr. Jeff Gold says.

Feb. 16, 2015 at 12:35 PM SWAMPSCOTT, MA. – The average patient visit with a primary care doctor today lasts less than 20 minutes. Now imagine having unlimited time to discuss your medical needs, same-day appointments, 24/7 access to your doctor via cell phone or email, without co-pays, deductibles or insurance issues. A new healthcare… Read More ›

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