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NEW! Listen to Part 3 KPI Case Study, Employer-based DPC: Strada, KPI Ninja

    On The DocPreneur Podcast Today: Michael Tetreault, Editor, The DPC Journal/CMT/Host, DocPreneur Podcast Michael Hein, MD, MS, MHCM, FACP Co-Founder, KPI Ninja   Vineeth Yeddula, PMP, CLSSMBB, CMQ/OE, Co-Founder, KPI Ninja   Justin Horn, CSFS, SENIOR CONSULTANT, HEALTHCARE STRATEGY/Employee Benefits/Group Health Risk Consultant, Holmes Murphy & Associates We discuss the following topics in… Read More ›

EDITOR: “Physicians Must Grapple With New Challenges and Implement Great Ideas To Enhance Patient Care and Promote Better Outcomes.”

What happens when you combine entrepreneurial-minded Physicians from around the country (actually, there were Physicians from other countries learning about what you do as well …) with a melting pot of world-class, engaging speakers and breakouts? An explosion of ideas and conversations is what. ~Editor, Michael Tetreault provides the lowdown on the 2017 CMT FORUM… Read More ›

2018: DPC Journal Releases Patient Opinion Survey with 1,100+ Responses on Importance of Cost, Relationship and Trust with a DPC Doctor

ATLANTA, GA USA | APRIL 13, 2018 – The Direct Primary Care Journal (The DPC Journal) today released polling results showing the optimism and awareness among prospective Patients FOR DPC (Direct Primary Care). “I want better care than what this area offers,” says Laurie from North Dakota in her survey. “Ten minute visits just doesn’t… Read More ›

DPC POLL, 2018: Do you plan to partner with your local employers, self-insured business owners, etc. in the next 12-months? If yes, do you have a strategy?

EP. 122 | DocPreneur Podcast | DPC2B | Meet Strada Healthcare, unpacking new, published employer DPC data — Summarizing the changes we were able to make to employee health and overall plan expenses–the numbers speak for themselves!

By Michael Tetreault, Editor in Chief, DPC Journal/Concierge Medicine Today/Amer. J. Retail Medicine/CMT CANADA & Host, The DocPreneur Podcast Meet Joel Bessmer, MD Medical Director | Strada Healthcare A native of Plainview, NE, Dr. Bessmer is passionate about providing the highest quality of health care to the Nebraska community. He is the Medical Director of… Read More ›

DPC JOURNAL Highlights “DPC2B” Success: “Nextera Healthcare Awarded Contract to Serve St. Vrain Valley School District”

Direct primary care now a benefit option for district employees, dependents February 20, 2018 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time LONGMONT, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nextera Healthcare, Colorado’s first direct primary care (DPC) provider with a proven track record for successful patient outcomes, has been awarded a contract to serve St. Vrain Valley School District employees and their dependents…. Read More ›

Clark on health care: We need ‘clear pricing signals’ to control costs and, Get employers out of health care

By Clark Howard | March 15, 2017 10:57 am | The current debate about health care in our country is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. It’s plugging one tiny hole on a sinking ship. RELATED STORY Employers should not provide health coverage — “We need to decouple employers and government as… Read More ›

EP. 117 | DocPreneur Podcast | Meet MyMD Connect, Connecting Employers with DPC via a Network

By The DPC Journal/CMT’s DOCPRENEUR PODCAST FEBRUARY/MARCH 2018 – Today, DPC Journal editor and DocPreneur Podcast host, Michael Tetreault sits down with a gifted and resourceful Direct Primary Care (DPC) Physician in east Texas, Dr. Jeremy Smith and David Jacobson of MyMD Connect ( MyMD Connect is an innovative solution to bring together self-funded employer… Read More ›

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