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InLight EHR: Going Solo in Direct Primary Care as a Young Doctor.

By Pri-Med/InLight EHR AUGUST 28, 2015 – Opinions on whether or not Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a good fit for medical residents and physicians starting their career in primary care are split. Analysts say forecasting figures is a difficult task to calculate with any kind of accuracy. Surveys from multiple organizations over the years… Read More ›

DPC Journal Releases Two-Year Industry Analysis of Direct Primary Care Marketplace. Shows Trends, Demographics, DPC Hot Zones.

PRESS RELEASE Contact: Michael Tetreault, Editor, The Direct Primary Care Journal (The DPC Journal) – Tel: 770-455-1650 ext 151 JULY 7, 2015 – Eighty percent (80%) of Direct Primary Care (DPC) physicians operate in a solo practice setting versus a group practice and consumers of DPC are trending younger, according to a national analysis and… Read More ›

EDITOR: Trending, Online Membership Medicine Purchase Options Appt. Scheduling

Long live the Web: Online sales in Membership Medicine Sector to top expectations according to industry experts. By Michael Tetreault, Editor, The Direct Primary Care Journal FEBRUARY 27, 2015 – Innovative and trendy medical sectors such as dermatology, dentistry, surgery, LASIK, and a select few others, have adapted quickly to online appointment scheduling and social… Read More ›

DPC Leadership Response To Washington State OIC Report: ‘Outlook for DPC is bright throughout U.S.’

Written by Michael Tetreault, Editor of The DPC Journal and Garrison Bliss MD of Qliance and Chairman of the Direct Primary Care Coalition (DPCC) | DPC Journal Contributor Additional contributions from prominent DPC industry leaders are also included courtesy of The DPC Journal. DECEMBER 17, 2014 | 3:00 PM (EST) – The recent December 2014… Read More ›

EDITOR: The Financial Realities of Starting a DPC Practice (ie. DPC Business)

EDITOR: The Financial Realities of Starting a DPC Practice (ie. DPC Business) By Michael Tetreault, Editor-In-Chief JUNE 13, 2014 — Physicians and industry experts alike will unanimously tell you as they tell us, that jumping into the Direct Primary Care (DPC) medical industry without first understanding the effect it will have on your personal financial… Read More ›

Direct Primary Care Coalition (DPCC) Hosts 2-Day Congressional/Lobbying Effort

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-In-Chief JUNE 5, 2014 – The Direct Primary Care Coalition (DPCC) is delighted to announce a 2 day Washington, DC Fly-In on June 18 and 19.  The event is designed to coordinate congressional education and lobbying efforts with the Direct Primary Care Summit sponsored by Family Medicine Education Consortium (FMEC) which will… Read More ›

OPEN ENROLLMENT in DPC begins soon: ‘DPC Journal reports that January 2014 will kick-off the most significant month in the industry’s growth, a Tipping Point.’

By Michael Tetreault, Editor November 20, 2013 – Priscilla in Ohio is searching for a more affordable, accessible healthcare option and tells The Direct Primary Care Journal (DPCJ) “Not often does one have the opportunity to have this kind of doctor that you feel is affordable and a real part of your life.” She’s not… Read More ›

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