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(TRENDING) Health Affairs talks with DPC Journal and Others: ” Abstract Direct primary care represents a new model for providers eager to spend more time with fewer patients and bypass insurance headaches.”

Abstract Health Aff December 2015 34:122016-2019; doi: 10.1377/hlthaff.2015.1281 Direct primary care represents a new model for providers eager to spend more time with fewer patients and bypass insurance headaches. Health Affairs is the leading journal of health policy thought and research. The peer-reviewed journal was founded in 1981 under the aegis of Project HOPE, a… Read More ›

We’re approaching the end of the generalist PCP model … ‘We see four emerging PCP identities …’ ~A.B.G.

By The Advisory Board Company FALL 2014 – One critical outcome of designing the clinical workforce for three distinct clinical products is the end of the traditional primary care practice model. The industry is moving toward a more customized, consumer-centric version of primary care access, and the standard one-size-fits-all PCP office model just won’t suffice. Neither… Read More ›

Ben Carson Talks about Being President and the Real Cost of Healthcare in Florida

“Our annual budget for Medicaid is $400 Billion… about 80 Million people get Medicaid… now divide 80 million into $400 Billion. It’s about $5000 a piece. As some of you know the annual cost for concierge medicine, at boutique practices is about $2-3000 per year! So the average person on Medicaid, we could put them… Read More ›

“When you tally everything up, it is cheaper in the long run to do what I’m doing as an out-of-network provider.”

Jen Rini, The (Wilmington, Del.) News Journal 9:44 p.m. EST November 16, 2015 WILMINGTON, Del. — Cristy Beckman, who suffers from chronic pain in her spine and osteoarthritis, spent six hours in a doctor’s crowded waiting room in severe pain. That was enough, she decided. It was time to make a drastic change in how… Read More ›

2015: Summary of Industry-Related Events

LAST UPDATED: APRIL 30, 2015 By DPC Journal Staff Here’s a summary of the events coming in 2015-2016 … directly related to Direct Primary Care (DPC) and some indirectly discussing DPC … Nonetheless, each of these industry-relevant events are informative, well-organized and provide different and unique guidance and education from various industry physicians and topic-leaders… Read More ›

TECHNOLOGY and MEDICINE: An EHR which allows users to preview 2000+ medical images in a few seconds.

By Stephanie Baum April 9, 2015 7:12 pm – The U.S. has a strong reputation for being a service-oriented society. Even so, it’s interesting to see the rapid growth of concierge care startups counting on the willingness of people prepared to reach into their pockets to speed up the process of getting a doctor’s appointment… Read More ›

DPC Journal SPOTLIGHT: ‘Dr. Paul Sweigert has established a solo practice in Napa, Red Bike Medicine, where patients pay $1,200 to $1,700 a year to belong.’

Dr. Sweigert was born and raised in Sacramento and attended Jesuit High School and later CSU, Fresno where he received a bachelor of science degree in Physical Therapy.   While practicing Physical Therapy at hospitals in the Sacramento area he completed pre-med studies at C.S.U Sacramento and later attended Dartmouth Medical School in Hanover, New Hampshire…. Read More ›

Non-traditional competitors are investing in storefront clinics—including CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart—hospitals and health systems are beginning to compete more aggressively in this new market for on-demand care.

8:00 AM on January 12, 2015 by Rob Lazerow Think of all the new things we are currently asking PCPs to do: Become a medical home. Manage high-risk patients differently. Offer on-demand access. Conduct e-visits. Is it realistic for a PCP to do all of this at once—let alone effectively? Absolutely not. Our research team… Read More ›

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