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Welcome To The StartUp Hub by The Direct Primary Care Journal.

Doctors, Complete This SELF-TEST and receive your free DPC Journal List of EIPs.

Doctors, Complete This SELF-TEST and receive your free DPC Journal List of EIPs.

Expert Advice, Trusted Industry Partners. Vendors and Industry Businesses On Our Panel Earn Their Way Onto Our Trusted Resource List. Participation Is Not Bought — It’s Earned.

The DPC Journal has assembled the brightest direct primary care (DPC) marketplace’s top-notch individuals, leaders and companies to help you in your practice — no matter what phase you’re in. The DPC Journal’s StartUp Hub List is not bought – it’s earned. We partner only with individuals and companies who hold themselves to a higher standard of excellence, have a proven track-record in the private medical and direct primary care space and are passionate about making things happen and bringing ideas to execution for doctors and staff. In many ways, innovation is key to your success no matter where your medical practice is. The minute you stop innovating is the minute you become mediocre.

Typically, our Panel of Industry-Affiliated Businesses/Vendors/Partners fall into one of 3 categories:

  • Startup Experts … with proven, successful experience in multiple DPC startups.
  • Industry Experts individuals with a wealth of industry-specific experience.
  • Knowledge Experts mentors with experience in a specific range of business skills (Legal, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, IT, Infrastructure, Operations, etc…)

You’ll be amazed by the level of advice and customer service our StartUp Hub Panel provides to physicians, patients and businesses. Our network of industry direct primary care vendors, businesses, mentors and advisors can discuss with you your needs and provide non-biased information and guidance you can trust.

They will give you sound guidance — without any sales pitch.

Simply drop us a line or send us an email to ‘‘ and we’ll review your inquiry and send you the contact information for the INNOVATORS in your area!

Want To Become Part of Our StartUp Hub Panel of Trusted Vendors/Advisors?

We’re always looking for the best people and companies who think like leaders and can help physicians and entrepreneurs in the direct primary care marketplace.

Please Email Us For An Application … SUBJECT LINE: StartUp Hub Vendor Application — Send email to:

Additional Areas of Expertise That Can Serve You …

Areas of expertise in which our Partners can provide you assistance with include:

    Practice management and internal systems organization.
    *****[To Connect — complete form below]
  • ACCOUNTING Assistance
    Someone who can provide affordable, expertise and accounting insight with these practice models.
    *****[To Connect — complete form below]
    New patient recruitment and local marketing.
    *****[To Connect — complete form below]
    Specific insight into the direct primary care business model with proven, conversion experience.
    *****[To Connect — complete form below]
    Someone who can provide affordable, expertise and legal insight about concierge/DPC business models.
    *****[To Connect — complete form below]

    Which companies provide insurance coverage and potential discounts to concierge/dpc physicians?
    *****[To Connect — complete form below]

  • INSURANCE, CONTRACTS and Specific Questions
    Legal insight and direction.
    *****[To Connect — complete form below]

    Social media and search engine placement for your practice.
    *****[To Connect — complete form below]
    Printed Material and Graphic design.
    *****[To Connect — complete form below]
  • WEB SITE Design
    An affordable, experienced healthcare web site designer.
    *****[To Connect — complete form below]

Connect With Our Partners Today!

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?
Ask Us and We Can Try To Help Connect You!


Please Note:

All referral agents recommended to you by “The Direct Primary Care Journal” or “Concierge Medicine Today” are independent agents with the ability to perform their service(s). All recommended agents are licensed in their respective states to perform specific business services and as we understand, are in accordance with their State laws. All questions or problems that arise with regard to any transaction should be sent to the referred agent. For more information, please contact our office at 770.455.1650.

The “Direct Primary Care Journal” or “Concierge Medicine Today” is not in the business of offering any type of legal or financial information regarding your specific situation. These matters are to be handled solely by the “agents” or recommended professionals we refer to you. We are not responsible in any way for the actions of these individuals or companies, monetarily or otherwise and you understand that these recommended resources and connections may use your personal information to contact you and to better serve you.

The Direct Primary Care Journal IS a multi-faceted, multi-media news and reporting organization with experienced journalists dedicated to covering this industry and it’s many physicians and stories across the U.S. and Canada. We’ve been writing about this marketplace for years.


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