Q/A: Typical Size of a DPC Practice in Terms of Patients and Capacity (Updated)

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Source: The DPC Journal; November 2019

Q: Typical size of a DPC practice in terms of patients

Answer (The DPC Journal Staff): This is an interesting and challenging question because of the infancy and continuing growth of these monthly, cash only, low cost primary care subscription models. When we polled informally DPC Physician readers earlier in 2019 and asked ‘How many ADDITIONAL patients do you need in your DPC Practice to reach max. capacity?’ more than 74% indicated they need more than 200-500+ patients to have a full patient panel. So this leads us to believe many practices are still growing and not yet at full patient panel capacity.

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Furthermore, we also asked an informal online polling question to our DPC Physician readers which asked ‘How many is too many [DPC] patients?’. The answers varied as you might imagine but tended to be much higher in capacity than current Doctors report. For example, 77% of polling respondents indicated that between 700-1,1100 is too many patients for one DPC Physician patient panel. Therefore, we can only draw early conclusions that most DPC Practice panels today are under 700 patients but strongly believe further analysis and time is required to gather more accurate data.

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