Q/A: Number of DPC Providers in the US and Growth Pattern (By Demography)

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Source: The DPC Journal; November 2019

Q: Number of DPC providers in the US and whether it is on the rise

Answer (The DPC Journal Staff): There are nearly 1,200 locations of Direct Primary Care (DPC) practices across the U.S. in November 2019. There are various opinions on the growth and speed of scale related to the increasing number of DPC locations and Physicians across the U.S. over the years. We prefer to take into account various opinions both inside and outside of the DPC space and conservatively estimate that the growth of such DPC practice models is on the rise at an incremental pace each year.

(C) The Direct Primary Care Journal | All Rights Reserved. The Majority of Polling Respondents From July 2018-July 2019 Were Millennials and Gen X new/prospective patients considering joining, but not yet enrolled in a DPC Practice.

Most notably, we also see opportunity in the Generation Y population of Patients leaning into DPC practice models as they tend to crave feedback and guidance. However, a potential downside of Generation Y is that they’re always looking for something new and better. This may put additional pressure on Physicians to innovate in this delivery space, which could be a very positive and innovative for both Patients and Doctors. [1] (Source: The Direct Primary Care Journal, November 2019, sister publication of Concierge Medicine Today)

Additionally, with more employers, unions and some health plans learning and testing DPC to provide care for the employees, employers are reporting their healthcare costs are decreasing by as much as 20% [2] (Source: October 2019; Chairman, Garrison Bliss, MD; The DPC Coalition).

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