Op/Ed: “Ok, we missed an opportunity to seize on the Romney model and run with free market insurance plan evolution, and instead threw dirt clods at the ACA for 10 years.”

As a well-respected educator and a national conference speaker, Jim’s audiences enjoy his warmth, sense of humor, and ability to break down seemingly complex compliance puzzles into workable solutions. In 2018, Jim re-wrote and updated California Medical Association’s physician legal handbook chapter on private direct medicine compliance—his compliance analysis and solutions are peer-reviewed, and delivered not to promote a product or a political cause, but to instead focus on promoting the innovator/professional with credible information. Jim formed Lofty Learning to provide the US marketplace with a neutral, independent and substantiated collection of solutions for people fighting to change and improve themselves and the US health/wellness marketplace. The only products he is selling with Lofty Learning are practical solution libraries that make sense out of a US health/wellness marketplace and support much needed change for innovators and their great ideas.

By Jim Eischen, Esq., CEO/Founder, Lofty Learning

Jim Eischen began lecturing on U.S. private direct healthcare compliance solutions nine (9) years ago and has since become a featured private direct healthcare conference speaker for a wide range of physician and healthcare innovation topics. He is considered an expert business planning attorney and regulatory compliance guide for medical practices, businesses that interact with US healthcare and wellness, and systems looking to adopt private fee healthcare options. His compliance work in this area is exhaustive, and he re-wrote the California Medical Association physician legal desk book chapter on private fee medicine model compliance in 2018. He remains a national expert in innovative private fee healthcare and wellness business planning and compliance solutions.

Republican friends: Ok, we missed an opportunity to seize on the Romney model and run with free market insurance plan evolution, and instead threw dirt clods at the ACA for 10 years.

What did that accomplish?

Are we any closer to a workable solution for US healthcare? No.

Here’s your chance.

Politics | Coronavirus is making Medicare for All look a lot better, backers say

Let me pitch you on Medicare for all as a free market Republican concept:

1) If we retain Medicare’s current structure, it is 80/20 coverage (no free ride), with private insurance gap and replacement coverage (no getting rid of private insurance market);

2) If we go with Medicare for all, we can erradicate the following redundant government agencies and save tax dollars: Medicaid, VA, worker’s comp, prison health system, and, drum roll, that special expensive version of healthcare that only members of Congress and the executive branch get—aren’t you excited to get rid of a bunch of government agencies and create fairness, draining the swamp of a special healthcare perk for Congress? Come on! 3) Medicare for all extends a very workable insurance model that has successfully interacted with free market wellness and health solutions for 20 years—DPC and concierge and models like Iora and OneMedical (and MDVIP) all successfully thrive with the existing Medicare model.

4) Final drumroll: you don’t need to kill the ACA, just modify it easily to ensure that all the insurance protections are retained, but, no more consternation about mandating health coverage.

5) You can rightfully claim credit for being pro-life for existing Americans who all need healthcare;

6) You can rightfully claim credit for ensuring health coverage as the pandemic hopeful rolls to conclusion—there will be another one and we’ll have a national healthcare system ready;

7) You can take credit for being cooperative, reaching consensus, and not simply throwing dirt clods at other’s ideas; 😎

At the 2019 Concierge Medicine FORUM hosted by The DPC Journal’s sister publication, Concierge Medicine Today (CMT) in Atlanta, GA USA (Oct. 24-26, 2019)

8) You’ll actually free up your corporate friends from the costs of covering healthcare for their employees—that’s way, way better than a tax break! The money involved is enormous. And for your small business friends who can’t afford to cover their employees, and for all those gig economy self-employed folks scrambling to find coverage—YOU saved the day and proved capitalism can be compatible with meeting national social needs.

9) You can rightfully point out that even though the federal government will fund this, so will citizens with their premium payments and contributions, and, unlike the UK’s NHS, providers can and will remain self-employed or aggregated into larger models—up to them! They aren’t working for the government now when they take Medicare, and they won’t under Medicare for all—free markets remain.

So, can you be the heroes on healthcare? Yes.

But not if you miss another chance to drive the train.

This is a free market concept disguised as a socialist idea—be smart, run with the ball, the left does not fully understand all the free market aspects of the existing Medicare model.

They will roll your way if you run with the existing Medicare system expanded to all Americans.

Come on, I dare you.

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