INFOGRAPHIC: The Anatomy of a DPC Medical Practice (2019-2020)

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Fast Facts (More in the Infographic Below)

  • The average corporate worker sends and receives 105 emails each day. The latest DPC Journal polling among physician readers notes that nearly 46% of DPC Physician’s spend 1-3 hours per day sending/replying to patient emails.
  • In 2018, polling among 58% of DPC Physicians found from January – May 2018, that business/practice startup debt for the DPC practice alone (fig. does not include student loan debt) was an average of $98,083.33 of debt per DPC practice.
  • When we asked ‘In 2019 and beyond, What Will the Future of Your DPC Model Look Like From Your Perspective? Direct to Employer or DTC or Other?’ A significant majority of DPC Journal physician reader respondents said that ‘Some [DPC practices environments] will stay small and will vehemently stay Direct to Consumer [DTC]. But, whether we like it or not, we’re competing with retail, onsite, near site and worksite clinics. We’ll always be attractive to a particular demographic in our community but we have to show value constantly if we stay in the DTC space … and that can increase DPC-fatigue.’
    • Additionally [and in the same poll], nearly 20% said ‘It’s the long-term, scalable play for Doctors in Direct Contracting. DPC-DTC is much to reliant on new patient marketing and constantly proving a PCPs value to the consumer. We’re losing the battle in a highly competitive marketplace to mobile app technology, UCs, Retail Clinics, NPs, etc.’
  • 38% of DPC Journal physician readers indicated that they financed their DPC practice by using ‘Personal Assets (savings, house, 401 K, etc)’. Additionally, another 22% said they used ‘Traditional Lenders (bank loan, credit union loan)’
  • Only 4% of DPC Journal physician polling respondents said ‘I did absolutely nothing different when I announced I was DPC in my local community and practice. No new name, no reduction in office staff, no reduction in office space, no new paint, nothing.’
  • When asked ‘How many ADDITIONAL patients do you need in your DPC Practice to reach max. capacity?’ DPC Journal physician polling respondents say ‘I need 201-500+ additional patients to meet my proforma expectations and business goals in order to have what I consider a full panel.’
  • When asked ‘Does your private direct medical practice (DPC model) bill Medicare?’ Answer: 26% of DPC Journal physician polling respondents said ‘Yes, And, I participate in Medicare’ and ‘I consider myself DPC, but I also bill/participate in some Insurance programs in my area that I feel are important.’


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