Direct Primary Care Journal releases 2015 Edition of “DPC Consumer/Patient Guide.”

JANUARY 15, 2015 | ATLANTA, GA USA – The Direct Primary Care Journal (DPC Journal) is starting the New Year with the release of the 2015 Print and Kindle Edition of its “Direct Primary Care (DPC) Consumer Guide” which includes more than 60 new or updated entries, broadens the FAQs asked by people finding a doctor and defines with greater clarity the Direct Primary Care service offering being delivered by doctors and clinics throughout the U.S. in 2015.

At about 98+ pages, The DPC Consumer Guide is widely used in physician offices. undergraduate and medical college classrooms, and corporate offices worldwide. More than a dozen of the new entries in the 2015 Edition are in the sections on FAQs About DPC, which include: The Difference Between Concierge Medicine and  Direct Primary Care (DPC); How Does This Work With My Flex Spending Account, Medical Savings, HSA or HRA? and Does DPC pair well with insurance plans? and more.

New! 2015 Edition now available -- sale $8.95

New! 2015 Edition now available — sale $8.95

The definition entries have been updated and consolidated for easier understanding. The 50-Point Checklist of ‘Must Ask Questions To Ask A DPC Doctor Before You Sign-Up’ provides a useful reference for anyone interviewing their next direct-pay primary care doctors office.

The new definition entries on the difference between Concierge Medicine and Direct Primary Care give readers helpful guidelines on the cost, services and insurance component variances associated with the two different sectors within Membership Medicine healthcare in America today. The glossary entry defining the “Membership Medicine” classification, a term widely used by investment and private equity firms when talking about Direct Primary Care, is also added to the book to provide further understanding and clarification of the various types of clinics now available to people.

The 2015 Edition of “The DPC Consumer Guide: 2015 Edition” consolidates a number of changes made since the 2013-2014 volume, published by The DPC Journal.

“Updated annually since its initial publication in 2012, the DPC Consumer Guide is a must-have reference for doctors, patients, students and medical professionals,” says Michael Tetreault, Editor and co-author of the book. “It provides fundamental educational information about a growing healthcare sector and it is the definitive resource for people wanting to learn more about Direct Primary Care and can benefit their wallet and their family.”

The new print edition can be ordered online at and is sold also on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online book retailers.

The new paperback “DPC Consumer Guide: 2015 Edition” costs $8.95 for and $11.95 retail. Bulk orders for classrooms, doctors offices and events are available in minimum orders of 25-50. Email or contact The DPC Journal Bookstore for a list of bulk order prices. Prices for the Kindle version of the book are $5.95. Education Institutions and non-profits may also receive discounts. Email or call 770-455-1650 to inquire.

About The Direct Primary Care Journal

The Direct Primary Care Journal (The DPC Journal) is an independent trade journal and multimedia news reporting publication observing, reporting, resourcing and connecting with experts from all facets of the DPC industry. For more information, visit:

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