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GoodRX | The most and least expensive cities for prescription drugs

July 20, 2018

By Craig Johnson | July 11, 2018 1:02 pm If you’re looking for ways to find cheaper prescription medicine, you may find some solace — or maybe not — knowing that where you live has a bearing on the cost of them. For instance, people who reside in the metropolitan area of New York City pay… Read More ›

Salaries in DPC (2017-2018) | National Trends, Averages

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DPC vs Capitation: Parallels to Ponder. By Dr. Bob Nelson, (Georgia, Circa 2015)

The DPC Journal has been around for a long time now. Every now and then an old story finds a fresh, new existence and ends up as a “trending story” back on the front page. By Dr. Robert Nelson AUGUST 14, 2015 – Once touted as the antidote for rising healthcare costs and a method… Read More ›

KANSAS: Changes coming to Medicare, Medicaid

“… each candidate seems to have a unique opinion on the future of KanCare.” By Adam Blake JULY 18, 2018 – Ongoing changes in the realm of state health care may prove to be a continuing trend in coming months, especially as Kansas begins preparing for its 2018 election cycle. The federal government has already… Read More ›

BURNT OUT? Prior To Opening Your “DPC” Practice (ie Cash-Only), Had You Considered Entering Another Career Field Outside of Medicine Altogether?

FORBES | Rite Aid-Albertsons Comeback Hinges On Narrow Pharmacy Networks

By Bruce Japsen, FORBES, Contributor | Jul 19, 2018 An Albertsons plan to create narrow pharmacy networks with the addition of Rite Aid could limit customer choices to their stores, but may help the larger retailer in the competitive U.S. prescription business. Albertsons disclosed plans to escalate the narrow pharmacy network strategy as the grocery store chain readies… Read More ›

DATA | ‘Social Determinants of Health’ Draw Insurers’ Interest

By Marshall Allen, ProPublica July 17, 2018 | Sucking up data on customers’ buying and social habits — but for what purpose? To an outsider, the fancy booths at last month’s health insurance industry gathering in San Diego aren’t very compelling. A handful of companies pitching “lifestyle” data and salespeople touting jargony phrases like “social… Read More ›

Solutions, DPC Voicemail hell and Resolving Underwhelming DPC Patient Experiences

Trending: Comment Cards Inside Your Practice Can Reassure Your Subscription-based Patients You Are Listening By Michael Tetreault, Editor-In-Chief Last Updated: July 19, 2018 | Originally Posted: MAY 31, 2013 – Patients don’t speak with their mouths, they speak with their feet and quietly on the Internet. Every heard the phrase that social media and online… Read More ›

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