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FORBES: Consumers demanding more convenient medical care service with the help of apps.

December 14, 2015

Health App Usage Soars As Prescription For Consumer Medical Needs By Bruce Japsen, Forbes, Contributor DECEMBER 10, 2015 – From the doctor’s office and pharmacies to health insurers and drug makers, the use of health apps is expected to take off next year, according to a new report. The trend is being fueled in part… Read More ›

EDITOR: ‘This is how you do P.R. on TV to promote DPC.’

Published on May 21, 2015 Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Dr. Condon was the fourth of eleven children. Dr. Condon grew up in Anaheim, California where his father was a navy pilot. In high school, Dr. Condon met his wife, Elizabeth, and they were married in 1968. RELATED STORY SPOKANE, WA: MedFirst Partners Introduces Affordable Membership-Based… Read More ›

KAT QUINN: ‘Why DPC Entrepreneurs Should Adopt Social Media to Launch Start-up.’

By Kat Quinn, MBA in HealthIT  Startup Specialist | Digital Health Innovator | Big Data | mHealth Developer | Direct Primary Care | MAY 12, 2015 – Similarly how America revolutionized economics through capitalism, Direct Primary Care (DPC) is the free market’s response to a stagnated health care system.  Think of DPC as the “good… Read More ›

TECHNOLOGY (San Fran. CALIF): L.A. based “Heal” launches MD house call app in SF, with backing from Lionel Richie, Paul Jacobs

By: Aditi Pai | Apr 27, 2015 Los Angeles-based Heal, which has developed an app that helps people send a doctor to their house, has launched its service in San Francisco. Until a week ago, the company only operated in Los Angeles. Users pay $99 to have a doctor come to their house in under an hour. Similarly… Read More ›

DPCJ Spotlight on Gold Direct Care: ‘I am the first doctor in the state of Massachusetts to open such a practice, and I know it is the right thing to do for me, but most importantly for my patients.’

By Michael Tetreault, Editor, The DPC Journal “I am the first doctor in the state of Massachusetts to open such a practice, and I know it is the right thing to do for me, but most importantly for my patients.” ~ Jeffrey S. Gold, M.D Opening Winter 2015 — Now welcoming existing and new pediatric,… Read More ›

BUSINESS: I Removed Every Inessential Thing From My Website. Here’s What Happened (to My Life).

By James Clear, February 20, 2014 — When I built my first website a little over 3 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. Naturally, I figured that looking at what other websites and blogs had on their pages would be a good place to start. I started seeing sites with… Read More ›

Tips For Effective Email Marketing to Patients

Many people in today’s world have an email address and regularly check their email. Although different from social media, emails have the potential to be a highly effective marketing tool. As the most used tool online today, people habitually check their email at least once per day. Using email to reach current and previous patients… Read More ›

Digital Doctors Office: Can Digital Signs in Waiting Rooms Pass on Vital Health Information?

The Medical Practice Marketing Blog, a DPC Journal Contributing Partner JULY 15, 2014 – With digital communication from doctors offices starting to increase with patients, is there going to be more on the horizon to enhance that experience? We’re already seeing doctors using mobile devices, email and social media to pass on information or directly… Read More ›

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