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Meet Dr. Murray Buttner, a DPC doc Selling His Practice, Pomfret, CT — 45 minutes from Providence, 60 minutes from Boston and Hartford. [Listing Details Attached]

January 26, 2016

QUIET CORNER FAMILY PRACTICE (Pomfret, CT; 45 minutes from Providence, 60 minutes from Boston and Hartford) – For Sale (TEL: 860-315-5400 LOCATION: Quiet Corner Family Practice Murray Buttner, MD P.O. Box 158 697 Pomfret St. Pomfret, CT 06258) Download Practice Details Here … | Contact Dr. Murrary Directly for Area Demographics and Listing Details or… Read More ›

The DPC Patient Checklist (Updated): Top 50 Questions Every Patient Should Ask A DPC Doctor Before They Sign-Up.

By Michael Tetreault, Editor, The DPC Journal (accompanied by more than 50 physicians and over 700 patient insight inquiries) JAN 15, 2016– With the help of a couple of hundred self-proclaimed, satisfied patient readers in more than 50 Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinics across the country and several dozen tweaks over the past two-years, we’ve… Read More ›

VIRGINIA: “I feel empowered to practice medicine the way I was trained.” ~Dr. Royston

By Cassandra Brown, Contributor FEBRUARY 25, 2015 – Some local patients have access to more personalized medical care since last month, when a Marshall physician changed the way he practices. Norris Royston has altered his work at Countryside Family Practice with an additional focus on wellness, prevention and personalized medicine. Starting Jan.1, Dr. Royston became… Read More ›

Survey Says, Physicians Are Overextended, But The Profession Is Thriving: 6% plan to switch to concierge medicine.

Brad Broker on December 22, 2014 – 5:31 PM Doctors are overextended and want to see more trained physicians to thwart an impending shortage, according to a new survey. The Physicians Foundation, a national organization providing grants for medical research, and physicians search firm Merritt Hawkins conducted a survey of over 20,000 doctors to assess… Read More ›

Target and Kaiser Permanente Bring Innovation and Primary Care to Target Clinics

Press Release Four new Southern California Target Clinics will provide Kaiser Permanente care to local Target guests; open to other insurance plans. November 17, 2014 | MINNEAPOLIS — Target Corporation (NYSE: TGT) and Kaiser Permanente are teaming up to launch four Target Clinics in Southern California in November and December. For the first time at… Read More ›

“In most of direct primary-care practices it’s about $600 a year …”

More Doctors Join Forces with MDVIP, Ohio Market Busy. Boasts 70+ docs in various models, incl. MDVIP [Source: The Direct Primary Care Journal] BY MARLENE HARRIS-TAYLOR, BLADE STAFF WRITER One in a series OCTOBER 6, 2014 – Concierge Medicine, where patients pay an annual fee or retainer to their doctor for enhanced care, has come… Read More ›

INSIDE YOUR PRACTICE TRENDS: Cooking Classes Catching On … ‘So popular, a second is planned May…

Jani, Haley team up for another Doc & Chef presentation May 19 — Full house expected At Fish On in Lewes MAY 9, 2014 – Local physician Dr. Uday Jani and chef/restaurateur Matt Haley are once again teaming up to present the next installment of the Doc & Chef series, which focuses on healthy, simple… Read More ›

CONSUMER REPORTS: ‘7 steps to better doctor-patient communication’

How to ensure you and your doctor are speaking the same language. By Marvin Lipman, M.D., Chief Medical Adviser and Medical Editor APRIL 24, 2014 – During a recent visit, a patient read from her notes taken during a conversation she had with a cardiologist. He had told her: “Your echocardiogram was unremarkable; the ejection… Read More ›

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