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July 16, 2018

    On The DocPreneur Podcast Today: Michael Tetreault, Editor, The DPC Journal/CMT/Host, DocPreneur Podcast Michael Hein, MD, MS, MHCM, FACP Co-Founder, KPI Ninja   Vineeth Yeddula, PMP, CLSSMBB, CMQ/OE, Co-Founder, KPI Ninja   Justin Horn, CSFS, SENIOR CONSULTANT, HEALTHCARE STRATEGY/Employee Benefits/Group Health Risk Consultant, Holmes Murphy & Associates We discuss the following topics in… Read More ›

“It [DPC] slashes the cost of providing excellent care,” said Kobach. “The $3.2 billion we are spending for 400,000 people would go down to $1.3 billion.

At Garden City Forum Barnett Urges Medicaid Expansion, Kobach Wants Complete Overhaul By Ben Kuebrich • 16 hours ago Direct primary care, also known as concierge medicine, is an emerging healthcare delivery model. It’s an alternative to traditional healthcare where doctors bill insurance companies for each procedure or prescription. Instead, doctors charge patients a periodic… Read More ›

MED. ECO. | “Spotlight on Brian Forrest, MD”

February 25, 2018 | By Rose Schneider Krivich | Medical Economics It was 15 years ago that Brian Forrest, MD, a primary care physician in Apex, North Carolina, founded Access Healthcare—a practice considered one of the earliest direct primary care (DPC) practices in the U.S. and put Forrest on the map as a pioneer of… Read More ›

DPC HSA News, Update, POLICY | Primary Care Enhancement Act Passes House Ways and Means Committee

By The Direct Primary Care Coalition | JULY 12, 2018 | The Primary Care Enhancement Act, a bipartisan bill by Rep. Eric Paulsen (R-MN) and Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), passed the House Ways & Means committee by a roll call vote of 26-12 on Wednesday, July 11th. There were also be 10 other pieces of tax/health legislation considered. The markup… Read More ›

AAPS | At Risk, Legislation Allowing Patients to Use HSAs for DPC

By The AAPS | ENewsletter | Tuesday, July 10, 2018 | 10:50PM Earlier this week we heard the good news that H.R. 365 was finally going to be considered by the House Committee on Ways and Means, bringing the use of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) for Direct Patient Care (DPC) one step closer to reality…. Read More ›

LIPTON: 10 differences between concierge medicine and direct primary care

By Wayne Lipton | Wayne Lipton is Managing Partner for Concierge Choice Physicians, LLC, and one of the most experienced and successful executives in concierge medicine. Lipton graduated from Harvard College in 1973 with a degree in Biochemistry. He attended the University of Chicago Business School and the Boston Architectural Center. He was formerly a chief… Read More ›

VIDEO | HHS Secretary Alex Azar … remarks on DPC, May 2018

American Hospital Association YouTube Page | Uploaded on May 9, 2018 “Direct Primary Care offers the opportunity for Seniors to get accessible primary care from a physician that they know at a predictable and affordable price… a significant step representing the fundamental rethinking of provider compensation necessary to deliver value… The proposal also reflects our… Read More ›

DPC Journal SPOTLIGHT: Meet Dr. Brian Forrest, MD

Dr. Brian R. Forrest, M.D. Access Healthcare 1031 W Williams St Suite 106 Apex, NC 27502 Contact Us: 919.363.0190 Dr. Forrest is the Medical Director and Founder of Access Healthcare. Originally from Wake County, he attended UNC Chapel Hill for medical school and specialized in family and community medicine in the residency program at Wake… Read More ›

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