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(New in 2022!) Invitation to Exclusive Physician Mastermind Workshop | Six Weeks, One Hour Per Week Starting In January!

Starting Wednesday, January 19th, 2022 at 2-3pm EST and meeting weekly (Wednesday’s at 2-3pm ET) for one hour, we want to help you and your medical staff enhance the Patient Experience and bring the Physician and Patient closer together in a multitude of creative and strategic ways.

Note, due to increasingly saturated virtual event space, we find that limiting this Mastermind Workshop to a specific amount/number of facilities/practices is critical, therefore, we are limiting the number of total participants and will reopen future Mastermind Workshops in Q2. 

Click Here to Submit Your Application

Dates & Weekly Workshop Topics Will Include:

Concierge Medicine Today’s live event and educational arm, The DocPreneur Leadership Academy is hosting a 6-week “Mastermind Workshop” where you can connect with a small group of like-minded medical professionals across the country that want to learn and grow your practice and just need a little help to get it to level-up and/or run more smoothly. We’ll bring you topical and relevant content in a LIVE, Zoom Virtual format about topics such as:

  • WEEK #1, Wednesday, January 19 @2-3pm EST
    via LIVE, ZOOM URL

    + Kick-off Call: Introduction to DocPreneurship
    + Mastermind Call Calendar
  • WEEK #2, Wednesday, January 26 @2-3pm EST
    via LIVE, ZOOM URL
    + Marketing Your Practice 101
    + Clever Marketing Strategies & Simple Ideas For Doctors That Create Irresistible Touchstones That Patients Will Recall All Year Long
  • WEEK #3, Wednesday, February 2 @2-3pm EST
    via LIVE, ZOOM URL
    + How to Create A Patient Gratitude System
    + Patients who feel appreciated will always do more than is expected. Now, let’s get your Patients talking!
  • WEEK #4, Wednesday, February 9 @2-3pm EST
    via LIVE, ZOOM URL

    + Creating Raving Patients In Your Community Via A Handwritten Notes Campaign
  • WEEK #5, Wednesday, February 16 @2-3pm EST
    via LIVE, ZOOM URL
    Patient Burnout Perspectives
    + What Is It Like To Sit On The Other Side of The Exam Room, Really?!
  • WEEK #6, Wednesday, February 23 @2-3pm EST
    via LIVE, ZOOM URL
    + FAQs Free For All From Attendee(s)
    + Call with our Host/Instructor
  • Plus, Bonus Webinars and Exclusive Podcasts Within Physicians/Your Peers Will Include: Practice Valuation; Telehealthship Is The New Leadership; Practice Marketing; Clinical Genetics and More!

At the end of each Live One Hour Session/Day we’re here to help you stretch your skills and level-up your practice, find ways to manage and lead your team and patients better, cause fewer headaches FOR Doctors, team members, Patients, and create unique spaces in medicine that you actually enjoy working at each day!

Yes! I would like to be invited and included in the upcoming “DocPreneur Leadership Mastermind Workshops”.

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