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NOV 15 – JAN 15 | Our All-Access Virtual Event, “The SPARK CONFERENCE!” Is Here!

The *Spark* Virtual Conference Starts November 15th, 2021 – January 15, 2022

  • DATES: Nov 15, 2021 – Jan 15, 2022
  • WHERE: 100% On-Demand/Virtual Conference
  • COST/Ticket Types:
    • $99/person (8-Week Access to 12 On-Demand Webinars — plus virtual bonus content!)
    • $499/person (Three One-Hour Live Group Environment Coaching Call FAQs With Michael Tetreault PLUS, 8-Week Access to (12) On-Demand Webinars — AND, exclusive virtual bonus content!)
  • How Long Will I Have Access to The Recorded Lectures: Eight (8) Full Weeks!
  • Register Here | View Both Ticket Options …
Register Here to Attend …

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started. It’s time to ignite your BIG ideas!

This year, YOU get to decide what the future looks like.

The practice of medicine is hard. It’s also typically an unpredictable endeavor. Throw in a global pandemic, a patient community often guided by opinion, and some economic instability, and your job as a Physician has turned downright DIFFICULT!

We feel it too. And we want to help!

Our *Spark* Conference is here and hopes to *ignite* you and your hardworking team(s) for eight full weeks. With weekly webinars full of inspiration, insights, and fuel to keep you going for the path ahead! Editor-In-Chief and Host of The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast, Michael Tetreault and the Concierge Medicine Forum faculty, speakers and invited Physician guests will roll out what we’re learning in this new season for all of us along with some practical insights, helpful reminders and some new tools to help your practice and team be healthier and more effective.

Plus, our very own Michael Tetreault will be jumping on for three (3) one hour (Group) LIVE Coaching calls, taking your questions, sharing with you (from a Patient Perspective) what he sees happening in healthcare and more!

Michael was recently named among the “Top 16 Experts in Healthcare Best Practices & Innovation Insights” by HealthCare Consumerism Outlook Magazine. His weekly “DocPreneur Leadership Podcast” was also recently ranked #12 among the “Top Most Influential Healthcare Leadership Podcasts to Follow in 2021” & he has received a Governor’s Proclamation for his achievements in Concierge Medicine Education. Michael is one of the world’s leading Concierge Medicine/DPC spokespersons. He is an advocate #FORDOCTORs, conducting rigorous analysis & market research to understand patient behavior. He uses those insights to develop strategies that raise brand awareness, drive growth & improve TOMA. The Doctor’s Guide to Concierge Medicine was featured in Times Square, Thanksgiving Day! He hosts the industry’s annual medical conference, the Concierge Medicine Forum & brings a plethora of topics & best-in-class edu, CMEs & more to Physicians.

There will also be some talks, lectures, breakouts, panel discussions, and Q&A opportunities that you may have missed if you didn’t attend the latest 2021 industry conference, the Concierge Medicine Forum in Atlanta, GA this past October as well. Some of the sneak-peak lectures, on-demand, self-paced (watch at your leisure/schedule, not someone else’s) will also be included in this *Spark* Conference that we want to ensure you and your team find helpful and inspiring to take back to the exam room and your practice!

It’s time to ignite your inner fire, bring your questions, have some fun with us for the next eight weeks!

What Else Will I Learn?

  • Understand your strengths when it comes to managing the business of medicine.
  • Learn new habits that will give you confidence.
  • Identify small wins that will help you achieve big results.
  • Start changing your life one small “win” at a time!

Register Here | View Both Ticket Options …

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