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(Listen, New) Healthcare Confidential Podcast: Differences Between DPC and Concierge Medicine Explained

Click Here to Listen | The Healthcare Confidential Podcast | September/October 2021

As a reaction to the less personal world of modern medicine, concierge medicine is an increasingly popular way that doctors are getting in touch with their patients. Michael Tetreault is an expert on this. He is also an author, speaker, and brand strategist, editor in chief of Concierge Medicine Today, co-authored the bestselling book The Doctors Guide to Concierge Medicine. His books are industry bestsellers and are referenced in college classrooms and journals. In this episode we discuss what concierge medicine is, how it can improve patient experience, and even how it improves a physician’s enjoyment of their career.

The Take-Away: Making medicine more personal and intimate for a patient has so many benefits to everyone involved, and can improve everyone’s experience of the industry.

Learn more: The Concierge Medicine Forum is a pharmacy conference happening October 21-23 in Atlanta to host speakers discussing new ideas in concierge medicine. You can check out Concierge Medicine’s books and any information concerning Concierge Medicine at

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