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Live DocPreneur Leadership WEBINAR | Today @12-1pm ET — “Dealing With Difficult Patients: What Do Patients Really Want From Their Doctor?”

We will sit down for a Live Zoom Event and explain what is happening in Patient Trends, how the Patient-Physician relationship is improving

About this event

Dealing With Difficult Patients: What Do Patients Really Want From Their Doctor?

Watch Now and Join Your Peers in Our New Online Webinar …

We will sit down for a Live Zoom Event and explain what is happening in Patient Care Trends, Review How the Patient-Physician Relationship is Improving and What Practical Action Steps You, Your Staff & Clinicians Can Take To Improve Patient Care & Meet Their Expectations Before They Walk In The Exam Room!

Patient Fatigue with their Doctor is at an all-time high. With that, Physicians are learning, exploring and finding new ways to connect with Patients and rescue their career. With the New Year coming and no end to the Pandemic in sight, we thought we’d take a moment to provide a rare glimpse into the trends, stories and happenings in the unique healthcare delivery space, Concierge Medicine.

Physician Burnout is also rising at an alarming rate. In this 1-hour LIVE webinar, the Editor of CMT will discuss:

  • How and where do Physician and Patient expectations become more closely aligned?
  • Latest Patient and Physician survey trends we’ve learned from the 2020 Pandemic.
  • What does a Patient truly want FROM their Doctor?
  • Industry Resources available for Doctors to keep unpacking their options and dive deeper into these subscription-based healthcare delivery models.
  • 2021 CMT Physician Reading List
  • How to break the typecast of “Doctor” today and why Patients place these labels on their Doctor.

In this lively webinar we’ll also do an exploratory deep-dive into “The Typecast Doctor,” and the role healthcare staff play in breaking the stigma and labels Patients unfairly (and lets be honest, maybe quite honestly you deserve …) put on their Doctor.

This couldn’t be a more timely discussion.

Finally, this LIVE webinar today will walk you through some recent stories in Concierge Care, cite some practical examples and present solutions you [eg Doctors, Nurses, PAs, etc.] can use right away to learn how to “rescue your career” and find joy in practicing medicine, again.






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