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(New!) DocPreneur Leadership Podcast EP 391 | “Scheduling Your Thank You Notes” — Why your priorities keep getting hijacked by other people

Today’s work environment is substantially different than it was just a year ago – and, for many working in healthcare, it shows no signs of returning to “how things have always been done.”

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By Michael Tetreault, Editor/Author/Communicator

AUGUST/SEPT. 2021 – The old adage “If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life.”

It rings true when you’re one of the people who love what they do. But as a healthcare provider today this smug leadership axiom probably makes you laugh.

So what about the healthcare provider population at-large? Do they still love what they do?

I’m a big advocate FOR Doctors. My record shows that. I’m also a fan of something I heard once in business and reapplied for healthcare which says to our readers … ‘Don’t let the practice of medicine leave you weaker, sidelined and ineffectual.’

I love that quote. I think I read it in a business book in the past year but I just can’t remember who said/wrote it. As you can see we modified it to pertain to Physicians and healthcare as it was a business book that wasn’t talking about healthcare at all. I think it’s pertinent today though, don’t you?

You know as well as I do that so much has been written, discussed and prepared and repeated on the topic of physician well-being, physician burnout, moral injury and/or career satisfaction in medicine. You could fill an encyclopedia set in 6-point font with these writings. It seems Primary Care, Family Medicine, DOs, PAs and even NPs and Nurses however are hit the hardest when it comes to being the victims of this disease in healthcare — and everyone is talking around the problem, but providing very little handles that can help these beloved servants in our community with a ladder to help them climb back up to entering the exam room with a smile and energy.

Over the years we’ve noticed that medical associations (small and large), specialty societies and even local statewide medical groups have little to no practical tools, handles and hold over this topic. Beyond the rhetoric of ‘We need to do something about the moral injury happening to our providers …” or “You’re not alone …”.

Do you think burnout is a problem in healthcare?

Of course! Most would agree it is. Silly question, right? Why even ask?

Leadership, business coaches and even mental health experts have examined the date over the years in all sectors of our workplace culture, including healthcare … and found that more money, better pay, more benefits or even more time off won’t fix the healthcare exodus and mental healthcare burnout rates that are afflicting our healthcare provider population.

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Today’s work environment is substantially different than it was just a year ago – and, for many working in healthcare, it shows no signs of returning to “how things have always been done.”

Data about mental health, stress, anxiety, workplace fatigue, burnout and all the adjectives that go with this topic tell mental health experts that the solution is complicated. It’s a complex problem that possibly needs an even more complicated, overpowering solution.

For example, when most Physicians and Nurses get stressed, they fall into the trap of managing rather than leading. You probably have a great “management team” working under you as a healthcare leaders. One expert in this area recommends you “let them do their job, and that you focus on leading them with vision and direction rather than micromanaging.”

Another example is all to familiar. You take that nice, long vacation you and your family have been planning and waiting for. It was amazing. After day 9 you finally felt the relief you were hoping for. By day 13 you return home feeling light as a feather and maybe, emotionally, physically and mentally ready to enter the world of stress you so longed to escape just two weeks ago. You start work at 8am and by 11am life hits you in the face. That amazing vacation you just experienced seems so long ago.

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The fact is, life is a meat grinder FOR Doctors. You say yes to to many things, you’ve lost your passion, you’re running too hard and your body is telling you that you’re on an unsustainable pace. And, your priorities keep getting hijacked by other people.

Subsequent research proves out to us all that more time off, more pay, better benefits won’t fix our burnout problem(s). It’s why when at 11am on your first day back in the practice and you’ve already put out three fires that by the time you put out the fourth one, you’re exhausted again.

So what are some of the pivotal, bright, sharp ideas and solutions that can help you thrive, leverage your energy and learn how to live in a way today that will help you thrive tomorrow?

The good news is that YOU can do something about this. The bad news is that medical schools, your bosses, your Patients, your team, etc., are living and working in such a way today that is going to make tomorrow harder.

Author and former attorney, Carey Nieuwhof, has a theory for everyone. He suggests guarding your “Green Zones”. Green zones are areas where you do your best work, you feel energized and understand your emotional, physical and mental health and well-being are at your highest.

We spoke with one Physician who challenged Doctors to ‘not cheat their gift’.

“We are not Gods,” he said. “Yet we are taught from day one that our opinions matter more than anyone. And while our retention and application of our education is knowledge work that matters … we must know when we need help and be humble enough and wise enough to acknowledge it.”

I love that strategy as one solution FOR Doctors.

We’re talking with some great folks in the U.K. and Vienna on a proposition to help tackle burnout for healthcare workers. They have made a 2 – 3 minute multiple choice survey, and you filling it out would really help us all get approval to go ahead with building out the solution!

That said, many strategies, the right tools, the right curriculum, courses or training can help. As adults, we all learn on a need to know basis. We tackle challenges in front of us when they are placed there. Typically we don’t Physicians address burnout five years ahead of time. It’s unpredictable that way. What are the practical tools you have leaned into over the years to keep your sanity in healthcare? Is it a date night with your spouse? Is it attending mental health counseling sessions once a quarter? Is it reading books? Is it finding new ways to keep your medical office and team captivated by creating a culture of servant-hood in your practice? Or, is it a combination of tools?

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In closing, I’ll leave you with this thought. You’re job, your education, your insight, your place and position in our communities is too important to lose in our community. Don’t let the practice of medicine leave you weaker, sidelined and ineffectual. Change your approach and practice each day medicine the way you see is … Uniquely Better. Find a solution that works for you … get your unofficial MBA and learn everything you can about the options you have that are awaiting your unique perspective!


Michael Tetreault


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