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(Podcast) How Pharmacy In-House In Family Medicine and Primary Care Can Help Patient and Physicians


The New Standard In Patient Engagement

RXVIP Concierge is an award-winning company on a mission to enhance the role of pharmacists as part of the health care continuum. As an advocate for provider status for the pharmacy profession, RXVIP Concierge has created a paradigm shift in the way pharmacists can practice at the height of their license by working at the point of care, right in physician offices.

RXVIP Concierge has created a program to guide pharmacists, PharmDs and students of pharmacy on a pathway to become Concierge Pharmacists. Through this program, Concierge Pharmacists can be embedded within a physician’s private practice to deliver a suite of clinical value-based services instead of working in a retail pharmacy setting.  There is no out-of-pocket cost to the physician to add this concierge level of care to the practice. Concierge Pharmacists are able to bill for the consultations that they deliver to patients as true health care providers. They spend time with each patient, and provide a range of services including annual wellness assessments, medication review and reconciliation, advanced care planning, fall risk assessments, cognitive impairment screening, pain assessments, smoking cessation, alcohol and substance abuse counseling, mental health assessments, and PGx testing to ensure that all prescribed medications are appropriate for the patient’s specific genetic profile.

RXVIP Concierge was founded by Ken Sternfeld, a registered pharmacist who was inspired by both his father, also a pharmacist, and his father-in-law. After helping to care for his father-in-law at the end of life, Ken longed to continue to have meaningful connections with patients. He was inspired to launch “Pharmacy Fridays” in the office of Michael Goodman, MD, a concierge physician practicing in Bellmore. Enthused by the response of patients and the value that he perceived he was able to bring to a medical practice, Sternfeld began to share his vision through weekly podcasts on the Phamacy Podcast Network. His idea began to attract the attention of pharmacists and pharmacy students around the country, as well as physicians and companies working to transform healthcare.

RXVIP Concierge is the recipient of a Long Island Business News 2019 Health Care Achievements Award in the Innovations in Health Care Category. VISIT: https://www.rxvipconcierge.com/about-us/


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