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TONIGHT at 8:30pm ET 08/04 — (Watch) Physician SPOTLIGHT: Meet Dr. Janine Darby, Shares the Success of her Pioneering Virtual Weight Loss and Primary Care Practice following the Covid-19 Pandemic

TONIGHT at 8:30pm ET 08/04 — (Watch) CMT SPOTLIGHT: Meet Dr. Janine Darby, Shares the Success of her Pioneering Virtual Weight Loss and Primary Care Practice following the Covid-19 Pandemic

By Michael Tetreault & Dr. Janine Darby

“Equity and access are the most critical components to preventative medicine,” said Dr. Janine Darby of Lifestyle Changes. “I know firsthand what is needed to achieve and maintain an individual’s weight and overall health, and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.”

Today is a special day at Concierge Medicine Today because our weekly podcast, the “DocPreneur Leadership Podcast” celebrates a milestone in healthcare. It’s our 400th episode!

To celebrate this momentous and joyous occasion, we sat down with an inspiring and “DocPreneurial” Physician, Dr. Janine Darby! Dr. Janine Darby will share her unique story, the success of pioneering a Virtual Weight Loss and Primary Care Practice following the Covid-19 Pandemic and so much more.

Dr. Darby is double board-certified in family and obesity medicine and is a telemedicine pioneer who launched Lifestyle Changes in April 2019. Weight loss was her first foray into what has been coined, “concierge medicine.” Dr. Darby’s specialty training in obesity medicine naturally expanded her services into nutrition, coaching, and overall advocacy for her patients’ wellness.

The unexpected growth in virtual medicine during the Covid-19 pandemic created another impetus for Dr. Darby to expand her practice to include primary care. During this time, she received requests from younger patients looking to increase immunity and stay ahead of hereditary health risks. These millennials also appreciated her scheduling flexibility and use of technology to streamline appointments and communications.

Other factors Dr. Darby attributes to the continued growth of telemedicine include:

  • Generalized frustration in seeing a doctor promptly
  • Safety concerns regarding the spreading of germs
  • Awareness about the fragility of one’s health
  • More tech-savvy elderly
  • Frustration with insurance assigning doctors and limiting the time for visits
  • Increase in annual healthcare deductions
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“Telemedicine is a win-win for everyone. I can meet my mission to be a ‘healer’ by treating the entire person. And my patients feel better taken care of as I am addressing both their immediate need while examining their overall health. This specialized attention is particularly important to those with chronic health conditions who appreciate my ability to navigate complicated health pathways, and to advocate on their behalf,” said Dr. Darby.

About Lifestyle Changes:

Lifestyle Changes founded by Dr. Janine Darby is a virtual primary care and weight management practice. She offers appointments via a secure, HIPAA compliant video platform and in-person as necessary. She has a private-label collection of vitamins and supplements to complement her treatment plans. Dr. Darby earned her undergraduate degree in biology from Carnegie Mellon University and her Doctor of Medicine from Temple University School of Medicine. Visit http://www.LifestyleChangesLLC.com, contact Dr. Darby at 484-685-0033 or info@lifestylechangesllc.com.


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