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Trending … Podcast Ep 381 | “How Doctors Are Relentlessly Adjusting to Meet Patients Needs.”

“Personalizing the healthcare experience is not new. Relentlessly adjusting each hour of the day to meet a Patients needs. Would you want to go to a Doctor like that? I would!”

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-In-Chief

ATLANTA, GA USA – I’ve said a lot of things to Doctors in the past. One phrase I’m often caught saying in recent interviews with Physician’s is echoing these 12 words given to me by my mentor Jeff H., who I applied his phrasing for application in healthcare which essentially says … “A Patient who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected.”

If you’re old enough to remember like me, Norman Rockwell, then you remember his coffee mug portrayals of Doctors treating Patients at their bedside or in their home.

The notion is not lost on me that younger generations do not recall this Andy Griffith era or early portrait of a rich heritage, unique charisma and storied past which Physicians once had within our small communities, our hearts and our home. Perhaps, this portrait will be in their future, or at least I hope so.

That portrait of decades ago whereby a Physician met his/her Patients precisely where they were and in their greatest time of need seems old fashioned and outdated. No camera in our culture today will or can capture this once normal luxury in the same relational circumstance because it’s locked tight behind a mountain of administrative paperwork, health insurance bureaucracy, utilization management, credentialing, co-pays, pre-authorizations, charts, file cabinets, EHRs and misguided gatekeepers many medical offices call their staff.

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