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New Podcast: A 61-Minute Wait Time? Are you kidding me?! Patient Burnout Is A Big Deal Too!

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief/Host, The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast

MAY 10, 2021

A mother of three waited 61-minutes recently at her local urgent care clinic.

She wasn’t the last visit of the day.

She wasn’t even scheduled at lunch time.

She was the first appointment of the day!

What happened? Why?

Patient survey data is telling us that Patients today are routinely losing interest in, trust in and faith in their local primary care providers office, urgent care clinics and local medical offices.

And with wait-times like this, we can see why.

What are medical journals, physician-focused publications touting to help remedy and provide medical practices, your team and Physicians to help solve these problems?

In this podcast we’ll unpack exactly what they are and are not doing and what precisely the “Standard” is doing to continue the “status-quo”.

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