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Physician Job OPENINGS: Stewart FL, Potomac MD, Charlotte NC — FT, FM/IM/Peds

Source: Concierge Management Association | April 7, 2021

Type of Position

  • Full Time


  • Stewart FL
  • Charlotte NC
  • Potomac MD

Name of Primary Contact Person

Duties/Responsibilities/Job Description

  • Personable/Great bedside manner
  • Humble Confidence: someone who is comfortable with their skills, but knows their limits, communicates assertively, and doesn’t mind the idea of ‘selling’ themselves to a patient to develop a panel
  • Agreeable to shared call rotation
  • 1:3 or 1:4 weekends + 1 weeknight
  • Rotated, split day coverage for holiday’s
  • Comfortable with a median regional salary while building pane
  • Starting @ $180k – up to $220k based on credentials + standard benefits, fringe benefits
  • Reasonable sign on bonus may be considered depending on background
  • Panel building to bonus tiers is anticipated at 6 – 18 mo. depending on how involved the doc is in engagement efforts
  • Aligned with our core values:
    • Above & Beyond
    • Smile Deliberately
    • Ship, Shipmate, Self

About Company

Whether you are looking to hire additional staff, expand your practice, develop an exit strategy or are ready to sell, we can help you with all of the above. Concierge Management Association (CMA) acts as an owners agent for the recruiting of new talent as well as assisting with practices exit strategy or the buying of additional locations. CMA’s model is successful in half the time of traditional recruiting services.

Job Requirements

  • Board-Certified Family Practice (or dual certified IM / Peds)
  • US based Med-School & Residency
  • A Medical Doctor (DO will be considered)
  • Licensed or eligible for state license, with an active DEA
  • We will reimburse license fees after 90 days w/the company
  • 1-10 years post-residency, with experience in a traditional PCP environment
  • ER would be considered

Name of Primary Contact Person

Apply/Learn More/Inquiry/Submit C.V.

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