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SPOTLIGHT: 360 Clinic Proudly Prepares for the Next Big Phase of Elevated Care While Remaining Committed to Orange County and Other Communities Nationwide

Having Successfully Helped Slow the Spread of COVID-19, 360 Clinic Remains Committed to Fighting the Pandemic and Providing Crucial Healthcare Access, Education & Support to Underserved Communities Via Broader Future-Forward, Value-Based Telehealth Services and a New Partnership with the U.S. Navy

ANAHEIM, CA – APRIL 26, 2021 – 360 Clinic, a comprehensive network of community-based healthcare providers and a physician-led organization providing a continuum of value-based care, is proud to have been the leading and official COVID-19 testing partner for the OC Health Department throughout the pandemic – and is now stepping into the next phase of their compassion-driven healthcare expansion plan, to soon include vaccine distribution for those who need it most, all while continuing to serve in locations where testing needs are present. As the County of Orange is slated to utilize the Anaheim Convention Center and OC Fair & Event Center (host venues for two of the testing supersites) for vaccinations before resuming regular operations this summer, the 360 Clinic team will continue to serve the local communities through its 40+ neighborhood-based mobile vans and kiosk testing centers located throughout the County, while adding to their medical services. This follows 360 Clinic’s recent partnership with The United States Navy, which enables the expansion of their services and locations to additional communities and military bases in California and Washington.

“We are happy to hear that, with the help of vaccines and other safety measures, the tide is turning in Orange County,” said Vince Tien, CEO and co-founder of 360 Clinic. “We’re also extremely proud to have been able to play a key role in moving this community through each phase of the pandemic. Orange County is our home base, where our roots have been planted, and we remain committed to serving it. Additionally, as an immigrant who moved to the U.S. from Vietnam at the age of 5, it is an honor to be awarded the contract with the U.S. Navy, giving us more of an opportunity to give back to the community to help tackle this pandemic for every subcommunity that needs assistance.”

Having administered well over 361,000 COVID-19 tests to date, 360 Clinic has led the fight against the pandemic in Orange County, accommodating as many as 12,000 patients per day during the winter spike in cases. 360 Clinic’s early and effective action successfully helped flatten the curve, slow the spread of COVID-19 and move multiple communities toward a safe reopening. 360 Clinic is planning its continued expansion to include not only COVID-19 vaccine distribution and service to Navy personnel, but also cutting-edge telehealth services, access to a comprehensive and multi-specialty physician network, community education, recovery care for those affected by the virus, general medical care, and more.

360 Clinic’s key goal is to do everything possible to slow the spread of COVID-19, including providing ease of access to cost-free testing to all community members while serving, empowering, informing and treating the community. The new facilities that were recently added to the 360 Clinic network in partnership with the U.S. Navy offer more access to cost-free, contactless testing with prompt 24-hour results for both symptomatic and asymptomatic government employees. To visit a 360 Clinic location, participants can register online at www.360clinic.md. Participants will be asked to provide their contact information along with health insurance information (if applicable) before being prompted to select an appointment date and time. After successfully completing the registration process, a patient will receive a confirmation text or email.

About 360 Clinic:
360 Clinic is a minority-owned, physician-led organization that offers a continuum of integrated healthcare services within its comprehensive network of community-based healthcare providers. Partnered with municipalities and Federal Agencies, 360 Clinic drives solutions via drive-through, walk-up and mobile sites. To date, over 361,000 community members have been serviced with this model. 360 Clinic currently operates more than 50 access locations in Orange County and its surrounding cities, throughout Southern California and in Bremerton, Washington. 360 Clinic continues to expand its offerings and locations throughout California and the Western United States.

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