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Ep 360 | Acapulco, Mexico Retreat | May 29-June 5 | Dr. Dana Neacsu and Maria Angelova, MBA

By Michael Tetreault, Editor/Host

Today is an important day in the life of every Physician. The Pandemic is still upon us, but perspective is showing and telling you every day that “things are getting better out there.”

5/29/2021 – 6/5/2021 | Acapulco, Mexico Retreat

WATCH VIDEO | Premier, TONIGHT 3/30/21 @ 8-830pm EST

We catch up with Dr. Dana Neacsu and Maria Angelova, MBA who have hosted and are hosting Physician wellness retreats centered around the importance of recharging a healthcare workers spirits, emotional well-being and mental health batteries.

We sit down with them for a few minutes to understand why “Physician Self-Care” is important, what opportunities exist for you to travel safely and recharge your own batteries after a long year.


Retreat landing page: https://angelova.mykajabi.com/retreats
Dr. Dana’s retreat landing page: http://alquemretreats.com/

Rebellious-Intl Pilates Website: https://www.rebellious-intl.com & https://angelova.mykajabi.com/

Dr. Dana’s website: https://mcimatlanta.com/

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