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(New, Listen) Ep 357 | The Proper Care and Treatment of a DRSpouse — “If the family isn’t happy, the Physician isn’t happy” | E.K, PhD …

Edited by Michael Tetreault, Editor In Chief/Author/Host, Concierge Medicine Forum/The DPC Journal

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Every single year at our annual conference gathering, the Concierge Medicine Forum, I’m always elated and surprised by the spouses who walk up to me at the end of a conference and tell me how much this program(s) or session meant to them.

“I felt like you were talking directly to me …” we hear.

Or, “I’ve been telling him that for years. Thank you for …, hopefully he’ll listen to me now.”

These kind words truly warm our hearts and help us build on the narrative that Concierge Medicine is more about finding career satisfaction than about feeling burned out in medicine. These words from our readers, their spouses and so many others keep us building each year to create an incredible program at the Concierge Medicine Forum here at CMT. It informs us that we’re making a difference and doing something about the insurmountable mountain of Physician Burnout. By not only providing an outlet for you, but insight and tools, handles and connections FOR Doctors and to those people in your life that have the greatest influence on you, your spouse.

So, as we’ve stated, oftentimes, the most overlooked person in a church is the Spouse. Today, I would also say that in the practice of medicine the same is true as well. The spouse of the Physician is the most overlooked person (employed or not affiliated in anyway with the practice).



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