Media Training For Doctors

Part 5: Local Public Speaking … Great Doctors “Go” Into Their Community

Click here for MORE and view a list of CMTs top tips, tools and strategies to help you talk to the media ….

Editor’s Note, CMT:

“Over the next few weeks, we (Concierge Medicine Today) will be putting together a practical list of concierge medicine industry stats to common questions reporters and the news media might ask you. We’ll also spotlight interviews with industry spokespersons, your peers/Physicians who are talking to reporters very well and discuss interview strategies with CEOs and leaders in this space of Concierge Medicine. Our goal is to simply equip, aid and help you as a Concierge Physician answer timely questions you might not be aware of as well as serve as a subject matter expert in your field and community. These are often times scary, spontaneous ‘public speaking’ situations which you might find yourself in by surprise. We hope these tips, tools, best practices, industry stats and opinions from key industry leaders you already might know about as well as your peers in Concierge Care will help you ace the interview the next time a reporter or journalist comes calling.” ~Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief, Concierge Medicine Today

(Poll) Where Do You See DPC Moving Into 2021 and Beyond?

Great Doctors Go Into The Community (Recent example of two Doctors speaking to a group of parents and Cub Scouts …)

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