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In your opinion, who is the single most innovative medtail player at this point in time, and why do you feel that way? (Asked to private equity, commercial real estate and retail healthcare respondents.)

Investors, Real Estate Execs Agree: ‘Medtail’ Investments Will Surge in 2021

Tether exists to link brands, developers, and private equity to physical locations that fit perfectly in the lives of customers.

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The Tether Advisors report indicates that the medtail opportunity began well before the pandemic, as more consumers showed “more agency and engagement when it comes to their healthcare.” Between July and November 2020, Tether Advisors surveyed qualified respondents within these organizations to assess the current state, and future prospects, of the industry, especially as retailers strive to solidify their stature in consumers’ daily lives. In an exclusive interview with Retail TouchPoints, Willie Hoag, Principal at Tether Advisors, provided deeper context into its 2021 Retail Healthcare Outlook report, and what these findings imply for all parties.

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Consumers are on target when it comes to some of medtail’s core ideas. Sixty-four percent correctly identified the definition of preventative care – i.e., regular appointments with medical professionals to catch illnesses before they start. Additionally, 62 percent agreed that healthcare providers should be rewarded based on patient outcomes, which is the basic thinking behind value-based care. These results show that some of medtail’s success stories are gaining traction, but others show that the sector still has some work to do when it comes to educating consumers.


SOURCE: https://retailtouchpoints.com/features/trend-watch/investors-real-estate-execs-agree-medtail-investments-will-surge-in-2021

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