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DPC Journal Podcast Spotlight (Listen) Meet Jenna Mons Anderson, CEO and “The Role of Connected Technology and Our Health”

By Michael Tetreault & Jenna Anderson, CEO of AccessElite

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Today we sit down with Jenna Anderson, CEO of AccessElite, a Concierge Key Health Company. We discuss a wide variety of topics from where “connected health” technology is today and where it is going to her work and diverse background in healthcare startups.

AccessElite Health is the first-of-its kind comprehensive healthcare membership program designed to make engaging in your health easy and enjoyable. For a low monthly cost, AccessElite members can experience same-day appointments, one-click booking via mobile application, direct communication with their physician, a personalized care coordination team, limited waiting upon arrival, and so much more all with a specialty network of more than 25 physicians.

Step 1. How to write a thank-you note [to a Patient]

“The health and wellness sector has always been a passion of mine for most of my career, and as a result, I’ve had the great privilege to sit on all sides of the business,” said Anderson. “Having the opportunity to lead this organization at such a pivotal moment is a true honor as I can think of no greater way to impact the world of health and wellness than by creating a means to improve access and a streamlined experience. I have long held the notion that the healthcare industry is ripe for a transformation that brings focus back to the patient-physician connection, and one that truly delivers a personalized experience. I believe we are the company to make that happen.”

With more than 12 years of senior leadership experience in Health Science, Bio-Pharmaceutical and Technology markets, Jenna has extensive experience leading world-class companies like ALPHAEON, Allergan, Ogilvy and Sermo, and most recently helped launch ShoutMD, rapidly establishing it as a social media platform with approximately 20,000 members worldwide. A seasoned executive, Jenna brings a depth of marketing and commercial expertise particularly at the consumer level. She has an exceptional track record of developing and implementing innovative brand strategies, deploying new business models, expanding channels, formulating effective go-to-market strategies, driving market awareness, and working with R&D teams to develop efficient technology solutions with attention to budget, time frames, quality and product specification.

If you would like more information on Jenna, check her out on Linkedin here – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifermons/

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