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Letter from the Editor: Why Celebrating the “Small Wins” Are A BIG DEAL to Your Patients

“Encouragement is never small when you’re on the receiving end.”~T.C, CEO

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By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-ChiefATLANTA, GA USA | What does your medical practice celebrate when it comes to your Patients? Is it 13lbs lost when the goal was 10lbs? When the Patient was told to exercise four times per week and they do five? Or are you waiting for something bigger, like the remission of Cancer? What are the celebratory stories (HIPAA compliant, of course and with their permission) you can tell that are small wins to your Patients? And, why is this really important? 

Those of you who know me hear me say, ‘I’m not a Physician, but I am a Patient. So, I know what it’s like to sit on the other side of you.’ And from that perspective, I can tell you one of the best ways you and your team can help foster growth, promote more patient referrals, increase repeat visits and encourage more genuine relationship amongst your Patients is by collecting and celebrating their stories. Stories illustrate the vision and the problem your medical practice is trying to solve. No matter how small those stories might be, a small “win” might be a big “win” to someone on the other side of the exam room. 

The takeaway here is … When you connect stories to your medical office or Doctor, you help people re-frame the value of this unique practice and why relationship with a medical provider is so important to them. You might celebrate “wins” others might simply assume.There is no small gesture to a Patient when it comes from the mouth of our Doctor. Your words have immense power. So, they’re ALL big wins, even when they might seem small. Start celebrating the small wins even if it means taking the time to send a handwritten note privately to the Patient in the mail from you and your staff! Then, see what happens next …

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