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“You’re going to start seeing a very big blurring of lines between what has been a traditional retailer and what can become a healthcare provider,” according to Patrick Wisnom, global client leader for Johnson & Johnson at advertising agency WPP, (Read Full Story …; The Covid-19 Vaccine Is Cementing Retail’s Role in US Healthcare: Brand perception should benefit overall)

A post-pandemic world will be medtail’s for the taking

The age group that is the largest user of healthcare, the 65-and-older cohort, receives the least benefit from medtail, at least according to most of those surveyed. Private equity respondents dissented from this view, with 30 percent looking favorably on medtail’s service for older individuals. They also rated Oak Street Health and ChenMed—which both specialize in senior care—as innovative brands. Commercial real estate and retail healthcare respondents professed bullishness for the 18 to 35 demographic. While this group doesn’t make regular doctor visits a habit, the hope is that subscription models—which can be quite profitable as younger people generally aren’t major users of healthcare—will align with shifting attitudes in a post-pandemic world. (Read Full Story …)

Why Investors are Bullish About Medtail | GLOBST.

The larger trends driving medtail that have been turbocharged by COVID-19 clearly have staying power, says Katie Killeen of Tether Advisors. (Read Full Story …)

BenefitsPro | Market Insights | New data reveals opportunities for retail clinics to redefine future of health care

However, if retail health clinics are to fully leverage an influx of new customers, they will need to make some adjustments. (Read Full Story …)

CNBC | How Walmart plans to take over health care

As consumers face skyrocketing healthcare costs, Walmart, along with rivals CVS Health and Walgreens, is diving deeper into the healthcare business, opening in-store clinics in an attempt to grab a slice of the $3.6 trillion Americans spend annually on healthcare. With more than 35 million people uninsured as of 2019, could Walmart Health’s low price point be the future of healthcare in America?

Watch the CNBC video to find out more …

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