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How to Communicate COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution With Your Patients | PatientBond

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Written by Alana Jenkins, Marketing Manager | Feb 1, 2021 12:00:00 PM

Many health providers can attest that vaccine distribution can be challenging. It takes a lot of moving parts to make everything work, not to mention the creation of a marketing approach to spread the word and motivate patients to get the vaccine.

COVID-19 is no different. While 60% of healthcare consumers indicate they are planning to get a COVID-19 vaccination, it’s imperative that your communications approach is solid in order for healthcare consumers to come to you for the vaccine. 

Make a Plan

With any campaign, you have to have a solid plan in place to execute your marketing efforts. Pull in key stakeholders from multiple areas of your center, doctor’s office or hospital to see how you can work together on this plan so that all of your teams are on the same page. It also allows you to make sure no one is left out of the equation.

When you’re ready to share this plan with your staff, do it early enough so that you have enough time to address any concerns. Make sure that all expectations are set in place so that staff is aware of proper procedures and protocols when issues arise. By clearly communicating your efforts with your staff, you can effectively move forward and avoid major bumps in the road, even if plans change.

Stay Consistent with Messaging Across all Channels

As an industry, healthcare could learn a lot from the early days of the pandemic. While things do change with a virus we know little about, the messaging wasn’t orchestrated like it needed to be. The result was a lot of misinformation and confusion that led to a degree of public distrust.


SOURCE: https://insights-patientbond-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/insights.patientbond.com/blog/how-to-communicate-covid-19-vaccine-distribution-with-your-patients?hs_amp=true

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