Media Training For Doctors

Part 2: 4 Key Public Speaking Tips for Physicians | AMA

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September 10, 2019 | By Brendan Murphy, News Writer, AMA

(Poll) Where Do You See DPC Moving Into 2021 and Beyond?

Many physicians and medical students want to make an impact beyond the exam room or the classroom by engaging in the public discourse—whether it be through speaking to the news media or advocating policy changes with government officials surrounding those issues.

(EDITOR) Halo and Horn Effect: the Differences & Similarities Between Concierge Medicine and DPC and Today’s Cognitive Bias By Some Young Doctors

In this story you’ll learn:

  • Know your goals
  • Create a clear, succinct message
  • Draw from your experiences
  • Know your stuff

Price Shaming: Saying ‘It’s not Concierge Medicine’ to Make DPC More Attractive Is Unfortunate For DPC Value Proposition, Brand Long Term. Year over Year Polling Is Starting to Reflect Negative Attitudes.



AMA | Essential Public Speaking Tools & Resources

Building my public forum participation strategy: A step-by-step outline

Community involvement and outreach

Defining my public communications goals

Fundamentals of crafting an effective public presentation

How to tailor my health care key messages

Media relations and social media outreach basics

Presentation Best Practices


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