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MED ECO | Terry Bauer: “2020 was the turning point for concierge medicine …”

But the reasons were very different from what we predicted …

(WATCH) The Concierge Physician Lifecycle: From Exhilaration to Exit (by Specialdocs Consultants)

Terry Bauer is CEO of Specialdocs, a pioneering concierge practice consulting company established in 2002 that has helped physicians nationwide transform their practices with the industry’s most customized and sustainable concierge model.

January 4, 2021 | Medical Economics | By Terry Bauer

It’s almost unfathomable how much has changed in the course of just 10 months as the pandemic upended how we conducted business, interacted with family and friends, dined out, celebrated life passages and mourned endings, and in particular, received healthcare.

Last year at this time I penned a column confidently titled “Why 2020 will be a banner year for concierge medicine” describing it as a time of enormous opportunity and expansion for this beneficial practice model. While our prognostications ultimately turned out to be resoundingly true, no one could have foreseen the direction the healthcare industry was headed – ‘unprecedented’ might well be the word that describes 2020 for decades to come.

But in reviewing the basis for my prediction, what stands out clearly is how the cornerstones of a Specialdocs affiliated concierge medicine practice were designed to counter the challenges of a traditional, fee-for-service healthcare system and these practices’ steady performance during the pandemic provided plentiful evidence.


SOURCE: https://www.medicaleconomics.com/view/2020-was-the-turning-point-for-concierge-medicine

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