Growing Your DPC Patient Panel 101

New Online Course For DPC Doctors Interested In Growing/Marketing “Membership Medicine 101” To New Patients

Clever Marketing Strategies and Simple Ideas For Doctors That Create Touchstones That Patients Recall All Year Long …


Acquiring new Patients into the subscription-based healthcare delivery model is one of the most common questions we receive from Doctors.

We’re not going to waste your time on theory. You’ll walk away with practical, currently working, implemented, tactical strategies that you can put into action immediately. 

When it comes to the Patient-Physician relationship, there’s a tension building in today’s culture. This relationship was carefully curated decades ago but has now eroded in our society. How can Doctor’s recapture that old-fashioned, personal relationship that’s worth more than we can put a price on? What pathways can we blaze that a Patient will want to follow that will ultimately help them live, work and thrive in their community?

In this online course, we walk Doctor’s through eight (8) pathways or programs which are “seasonal” or year round/quarterly “surprise and delight” strategies that can be implemented for little or no money but can yield big returns in the growth of your practice and your reputation. We’ve included exclusive interviews with Doctors “making these ideas work” and real-time examples showing and telling you “how” it can be done.

Surprise and delight marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to attract and nurture consumer relations by providing unexpected rewards. It is designed to increase customer loyalty and engagement while reducing churn or attrition. And research is proving this strategy incredibly effective. According to CrowdTwist, 67 percent of consumers said “surprise and delight” us very important to their experience and interaction with a brand these use today.

However, three points matter most when devising a surprise-and-delight strategy and building the technology framework to support an initiative, says Adobe’s Kim Smith, global head of digital services innovation. The action a business takes or does must actually produce a surprise; a recipient must view something as an honest gift or feature rather than something entirely opportunistic for the business; and the item or thing must be simple and easy to use or claim. 

“Every organization should be thinking about surprise and delight. It’s a philosophy that should extend beyond marketing and into the entire business,” she said.

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