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(New, Listen) EP 345 Podcast — “Applying Concierge Philosophy to Behavioral Healthcare”

A completely individualized program of medical care, psychotherapy, wellness, neuro restorative, experiential, and support services. Futures embraces the complexity of addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders to empower recovery and improve outcomes through evidence-based practice, coordinated care, and mission-driven culture.

The emotions, behaviors, and resources that often accompany power, success, and societal status can create an environment ripe for substance use disorder. Futures has identified the need to extend its specialty programming to simultaneously exceed the elevated standards of, and address the unique challenges to recovery for, this select community of individuals and families.

Orenda at Futures occupies the third floor of our 118,000 square foot facility. A dedicated entrance and passkey elevator access enhance client privacy. The amenities of our 9-acre campus offer clients access to swimming, tennis, personalized fitness training, and the tranquility to relax and reflect.

Each client in the Orenda program will have their own suite, including a private bath, lounge area, eat-in breakfast nook, and individual workspace. All suites are equipped with WiFi and cable TV.

LEARN MORE: futuresrecoveryhealthcare.com/orenda/

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