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(Listen) The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast | Ep. 50 | DocPreneur Podcast: DPC and EHR, Lean DPCs, Employer-Based DPC and Retail Healthcare

Duration: 25:03

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In this DocPreneur Podcast, we talk with Dr. Samir Qamar and Hisana Qamar, MD Co-Founder, Medical Director of MedLion.

Highlights and topics in this topic include: EHR; Lean Startups in DPC; Telehealth Integration into Direct Primary Care; Employer-Based DPC Partnerships and ROI; Direct Primary Care (DPC); Retail Healthcare; and more.

Dr. Samir Qamar is the CEO and Founder of MedLion, Board certified in Family Medicine and Dr. Qamar​ is an international expert in the fields of membership practices, Concierge Medicine, and Direct Primary Care. ​As CEO, Dr. Qamar has expanded ​MedLion ​to ​practices in ​17 states​ in little over four years​. Prior to MedLion, Dr. Qamar began the first concierge medical practice in central California, where ​for many years ​he also served as the house doctor for the famed Pebble Beach Resorts.​

Dr. Hisana Qamar is a MedLion physician, and one of the co-founders of MedLion, Inc. She is trained in Family Medicine, and has been in private practice and urgent care medicine for the past decade. In Monterey, she grew her private practice to one of the largest family medicine practices in the country within a few years. She subsequently converted her practice to a MedLion practice, the first practice conversion in the company. Hisana is now charged with Quality Control and Continuing Medical Education for MedLion physicians. In addition, Hisana actively maintains her new MedLion practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. When not working, she enjoys interior design and fitness.


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