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R-Health Announces $9.2 Million in Shared Savings Through Care is Primary Accountable Care Organization

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ELKINS PARK, Pa., Sept. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ –– R-Health, a leader in Advanced Primary Care solutions, today announced that its Care is Primary Accountable Care Organization (ACO), has achieved $9.2 million in shared savings under the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) for 2019. The ACO also achieved a Quality Score of 92.17%. This is the second year in a row that the ACO has achieved significant shared savings, with 51% more savings than 2018. Care is Primary ACO’s reduction in the total cost of care for its Medicare beneficiaries placed it in the top 8% of all ACOs nationwide.

Care is Primary ACO delivers value-based care by partnering with independent primary care physicians throughout the five counties of Southeastern Pennsylvania to focus on practice transformation, shifting from a volume-based model to a quality-focused approach. The value-based system rewards practices when they achieve a superior patient experience and positive health outcomes.

Primary care has the ability to transform healthcare, delivering better, more personalized care to patients at lower costs. Care is Primary ACO has continued to demonstrate this with its outstanding results.

The Care is Primary ACO included 20 practices, 65 high-quality independent providers, and 9,400 Medicare beneficiaries through the MSSP in 2019.



“We are thrilled with the results that our Care is Primary ACO achieved in 2019,” said Nancy Meisinger, Chief Clinical Operations Officer at R-Health and Executive Director of Care is Primary ACO. “We achieved a 9% bend in the cost curve, dramatically lowering the costs for our Medicare patients while delivering outstanding care.”

The unique collaboration fostered by Care is Primary ACO enables our primary care physicians to leverage collective expertise, share best practices, and deliver superior care to our patients.

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About R-Health: R-Health delivers more effective care and a better patient experience – all at a lower cost. We partner with employers, individuals, families, unions, insurance companies and TPAs to offer primary care that’s truly collaborative. This is accomplished through the traditional core values of convenient, personal primary care; our innovative data analytics and patient engagement platforms that streamline care, delivering better outcomes, lower costs and a refreshing patient experience; and the proactive management of chronic conditions. R-Health delivers value-based healthcare two ways, through R-Health Accountable Care, our commercial and Medicare ACOs, and R-Health Advanced Primary Care, our innovative membership-based primary care model.  For more information, visit www.R-Health.md.

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