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(3-min Watch) Editor: The Importance of Community Driven Support Resources For Doctors to Share With Their Patients


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Editor-in-Chief, Michael Tetreault of Concierge Medicine Today explains what social prescribing is in this short description.

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“What would it look like today if my Doctor gave 1% more effort today than yesterday? Often, that’s all it takes. But towards what activity? How well do his/her patients really know him/her? Is there something (e.g. hobby, activity, etc) I have as the Doctor that I can share in organized small group settings with my Patients? What people look for when they visit and talk about their life with their Doctor is that they help the patient look for progress, not perfection. It’s why small, fast wins are important. Focusing on small wins, small activities, hobbies for example, will lead to greater achievements. Focusing on small achievements that will lead to bigger ones.”

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