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(One Year Ago, Today) Axolotl Biologix Regenerative Medicine Product Line Approved For Veterans

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Physicians At Federal Agencies Can Use Biotechnology To Promote Repair of Damaged Tissues Without Surgery

Phoenix, AZ (June 13, 2019)Axolotl Biologix, a biotechnology leader in regenerative medicine, is thrilled that the General Services Administration (GSA) has added the complete line of Axolotl Biologix’s products to the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS).  This designation by the GSA will allow physicians and staff of federal agencies, including the Veterans Administration and Indian Health Services, to order Axolotl Biologix products to promote repair or regeneration of damaged tissues.

Axolotl Biologix’s product line includes liquid allografts created using pluripotent stem cell technology which are applied into damaged tissues. Physicians working in federal agencies can also order Axolotl’s allograft membrane patches to promote healing while reducing the risk of infection.

These innovative regenerative medical technologies made in Phoenix, Arizona, give patients more treatment options to avoid surgery and reduce the need for dangerous narcotics prescribed to reduce pain.

“We are thrilled that the GSA has recognized the importance of adding Axolotl Biologix’s complete line of regenerative medicines to the FSS to give physicians and patients innovative healthcare options,” said Gary Lauterbach, Axolotl Biologix CEO. “Our Veterans deserve to have every option available to treat and overcome injuries and illness, and this designation means they can go to any VA Hospital and request alternative options to surgery.”

Axolotl Biologix’s products include Axolotl Shot™, a shelf stable liquid allograft which contains growth factors and cytokines used by doctors to treat orthopedic and podiatric issues.

“From a patient perspective, this is much better than a cortisone shot which temporarily masks the pain and promotes the continued degenerative process,” said Dr. Kerry Zang, Founder Arizona Institute of Footcare and Axolotl Biologix Medical Advisory Board member. “The fluid in Axolotl Shot™ initiates a regenerative process that promotes the rebuilding of tissues and therefore encourages the return to daily activities.”

The Federal Supply Schedule will also include Axolotl DualGraft™, an amniotic bi-layer allograft membrane patch that creates a natural 3-D extracellular matrix scaffold for protecting non-healing wounds.

GMP, Government Marketing & Procurement, LLC assisted Axolotl Biologix in the process to be added to the GSA’s Federal Supply Schedule under 65IIA, Medical Equipment and Supplies, contract #36F79719D0049 through December 2023.

About Axolotl Biologix:

Axolotl Biologix, Inc. is an innovative biotechnology leader in regenerative medicine through research, technology and clinical application. Axolotl Biologix is expanding the human body’s ability to regenerate by developing and manufacturing regenerative human cell and tissue medical technologies that are disrupting traditional, more invasive, painful and expensive treatment protocols. For more information, visit


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