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(Watch) Specialdocs CEO on “How Doctors Are Leading Communities and Their Patients Through A Crisis.”

With so many Physicians working remotely helping Patients, we are still working diligently FOR DOCTORS and bringing you educational and unique perspectives from our home to yours.

We’re talking today specifically about COVID-19 perspectives with Doctors, discussing common Patients questions heard from various parts of the country (and globe), hearing what you’re learning and what you’re reading to help your patients, talking in-depth about the unique methods of telehealth and even some old-fashioned communication strategies that help Concierge Medicine Physicians to educate and connect routinely with their communities and provide hope and help in a time of crisis.

Now is an important time in all of our lives where we need our Physician, their insight and clarity … to help us understand the facts, answer our serious and silly questions and lead us through to the otherside of a Pandemic.

Concierge Medicine Today is releasing a number of new CMT DocPreneur Leadership “BROADCASTS” with Doctors, industry thought-leaders, Emergency Room Physicians, and many others from our living room to yours. Today we sit down with CEO, Terry Bauer to talk about how Specialdocs Concierge Medicine Physicians are impacting and helping their Patients through a crisis. This just might put a little fuel in your tank and we hope you find these “Broadcasts” helpful. Stay tuned for our next CMT DocPreneur Leadership BROADCAST later this week where we sit down with Physicians to discuss telehealth apps and unlock the Deep Human Genome by building and deploying the world’s leading Deep Genomics solution to save lives through early detection, better prevention and more effective cures for disease, starting with cancer.

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By Michael Tetreault, Host, The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast, Editor, Concierge Medicine Today

On today’s podcast we sit down for a two-part interview with Terry Bauer, CEO, Specialdocs Consultants. Specialdocs Consultants, a pioneering concierge medicine transition and management company founded in 2002, has helped physicians nationwide transform their practices with the industry’s most customized and sustainable concierge model.

In today’s interview we talk about the role of the Physician in Concierge Medicine inside the COVID-19 Pandemic, Telehealth utilization, community outreach among the Specialdocs Concierge Medicine network of Doctors and how Doctors are finding unique ways to be not only Helpful, but provide Hope and comfort to their Patients and communities in a time of uncertainty and captivity.



This is a very timely conversation for all of us today.

With more than three decades of healthcare leadership experience, Terry has a reputation for bringing about positive change as a strategist, builder, and driver of successful, high-performance companies.

He is also known as a pioneer, and so his role as CEO of Specialdocs Consultants is a perfect fit. His mission: To elevate the profile of this firm that has pioneered the transition from traditional to independent concierge medicine practices, with a focus on expanding the reach and portfolio of high-quality services provided to Specialdocs’ growing national network of exceptional physicians.

Terry’s career includes a long tenure as co-founder, president, CEO, and director of Orion HealthCorp, a national physician services and management organization. Most recently, he was a principal and strategy practice leader at Portland, Maine- and Atlanta, Georgia-based healthcare consulting firm Stroudwater Associates. Terry’s skill in identifying unique opportunities and strategies to drive revenue and growth within competitive U.S. markets is widely recognized.

Notable accomplishments include co-founding a successful physician practice management company, creating a leading revenue cycle management services companies for hospital- and office-based physicians, launching a group purchasing organization (GPO) serving more than 3,700 physicians, and developing a complex separation and re-affiliation strategy combined with a multi-faceted financial turnaround for an internationally recognized healthcare system.

He has served on the board of directors of Specialdocs since Shore Capital Partners made its investment in the firm in the fall of 2015, and became CEO of the company in spring of 2016.

Terry’s vision of concierge medicine as an innovative and sustainable model for healthcare’s future began in 1999 when he first learned of the business from industry pioneers, and his interest in the sector continued to grow over the years. During his 2013 role as Entrepreneur in Residence at The University of Alabama’s Manderson Graduate School of Business, he led a team of select MBA, MHA, and law school students in evaluating strategic opportunities in the concierge/membership medicine industry.

You can contact Specialdocs at (847) 432-4502 or visit:

660 LaSalle Place, Ste. 202
Highland Park, IL 60035

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