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How to Improve Telehealth for COVID-19

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By Alana Jenkins, Marketing Manager | Posted on April 13, 2020

Earlier this year, we wrote a blog that predicted 2020 would be the year for telehealth, also often referred to as telemedicine (note, telemedicine is actually a subset of telehealth, which also offers a broader set of non-clinical services). While telehealth use has roughly doubled every year for the last 10 years, only 8 percent of people have used it.

Less than two months later, no one could have predicted the extraordinary growth telehealth would experience in a matter of weeks.

Nearly every clinical setting is using telehealth or implementing telehealth to flatten the Coronavirus (COVID-19) curve. With most practices waiving copays and the CARES Act providing telehealth under Medicare, it’s becoming the ideal choice for patients. In New York, telehealth visits are up 312% and Washington State is even higher at 700%. At Cleveland Clinic, they expect over 60,000 telehealth visits in March when they average 3,400 before the outbreak.

Healthcare experts are working around the clock, consulting with each other on best practices and taking action as fast as possible. Whether your practice has been using telehealth for a while or just started amid the outbreak, you still want the best information and approach out there.



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