Best Practices

Tips for Educating & Communicating with Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Casey Albertson, President and COO of PatientBond presents at the 2019 Concierge Medicine FORUM in Atlanta, GA USA on Patient Psychographics and the importance of demographics, data and learned behavior when it comes to understanding and marketing to Patients and understanding their needs in Concierge Medicine. LEARN MORE ABOUT the 2020 CMT FORUM SEPT 24-26, 2020 …

By Alana Jenkins, Marketing Manager | Posted on April 6, 2020

Estimated trajectories for the spread of novel coronavirus underscore the importance of what experts refer to as “flattening the curve” of the pandemic. Michael Mina, Associate Medical Director of Clinical Microbiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston tells KQED, “I think the whole notion of flattening the curve is to slow things down so that this doesn’t hit us like a brick wall. It’s really all borne out of the risk of our healthcare infrastructure pulling apart at the seams if the virus spreads too quickly and too many people start showing up at the emergency room at any given time.”

But you don’t need to look much further than a social media feed to realize that people are responding to this news in radically different ways. The range of attitudes — from those trying to adhere to medical advice to those refusing to let COVID-19 change their routines — reflects a challenge that healthcare providers face every day: how do you increase patient engagement across a population when individuals bring varying beliefs and attitudes regarding health and wellness?



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