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(Listen) EP 273 | Drew Mayer, the CEO of Mint Benefits Explains Medical Cost Sharing and Direct Primary Care (DPC) Benefits

CEO, Drew Mayer. Mint Benefits | “At Mint Benefits, we believe everyone should receive the highest-quality healthcare at an affordable price. Our innovative approach helps improve the daily lives of those we serve and is the driving force behind every solution we offer.” |
(970) 470-8863

EP 273 | Mint Benefits CEO Explains Medical Cost Sharing and Direct Primary Care DPC Benefits

By Michael Tetreault, Host, Editor-in-Chief

Today we sit down with Drew Mayer, the CEO of Mint Benefits.

Drew’s Bio

Drew recently served as the VP of marketing for a medical device startup where he and his team created and implemented a cohesive marketing program to increase brand awareness.

He brings broad experience from 23 years working in a variety of industries: medical device,consumer goods, retail, government, telecommunications, healthcare, real estate, and information technology. He has direct experience in financial analysis, technology consulting,website design, SEO, software development, product development and design, and manufacturing. Drew received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Colorado College and his MBA from the University of Texas in Austin.

Mint Benefits

Mint Benefits provides individuals, families and employers solutions for their primary, prescriptive and catastrophic medical needs at a at a 30%-70% discount to traditional insurance, through DPC memberships, Sedera health cost sharing and CleverRX prescription discounts. Our goal is to provide patients with a comprehensive, personalized solution that provides better care at a lower cost. We also work closely with DPC clinics, helping them identify and acquire new members as well as onboard those members on to Sedera.

Resources and Sites Mentioned

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