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As Doctors Race to Frontline of COVID-19 Crisis, Total Access Medical Guarantees 24/7 Access to Physicians Offering Immediate Patient Care to Meet Other Emergency Medical Needs

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As medical professionals rush to the frontline of the coronavirus outbreak, primary care providers are needed to handle emergency medical concerns and pre-existing health issues. What happens if a person is sick or in risk and they cannot speak to or see their doctor?

Total Access Medical (TAM), a direct primary care service with more than 15 years-experience, helps patients receive the immediate medical attention they need in order to navigate this complicated and confusing pandemic. One of the first affordable and quality physician organizations, also known as concierge medicine, TAM serves a small patient population, with each patient having 24/7 full access to their own personal doctor.

Today’s emergency state limits traditional general practitioners to telehealth calls for which patients may be billed out of pocket. In comparison, TAM patients can reach their physician via cell phone, text, email, video, and, when medically necessary, by house calls. Located throughout Philadelphia’s Western suburbs, South Jersey and Wilmington, Delaware, TAM doctors specialize in family, internal, geriatric and integrative medicine. They offer personalized, attentive care for seniors, individuals and families, potentially alleviating the need for emergency treatment at this crucial time.

“COVID-19 has exposed only a fraction of the shortsightedness and problems of our modern health care system,” shared Richard Stamps, President and CEO, Total Access Medical. “The system is designed around illness, not health. We want people to know there is another option out there. Total Access Medical alleviates the stress and fear around this virus and offers expert physicians who partner with their patients in order to work towards a common goal of obtaining optimal health and wellness, at all times.”

Patient care is the priority of TAM. Additional benefits of interest at this time include:

– TAM practices are approximately 20% the size of a conventional general practitioner, allowing physicians to genuinely know their patients, and have the time and resources to personally coordinate care as needed.
– Patients do not pay a single dime for unlimited access to these benefits outside of their reasonable membership fee, which is more affordable than most gyms.
– Members have access to a nutritionist, who during this pandemic can support patients in building an immune boosting diet to help protect themselves from the virus, in addition to providing general weight loss and nutrition information.
– Patients receive a minimum of 30 minutes for each appointment and 90 minutes at a minimum for new patient visits and physicals, as time constraints of a traditional medical practice are non-existent.

About Total Access Medical:

Total Access Medical (TAM) is a quality and affordable direct primary care program comprised of a comprehensive suite of services designed to accommodate the needs of each individual patient. TAM offers six expert physicians in family, internal, geriatric and integrative medicine along with additional non-clinical services to further enhance the patient experience. Offices are available in Bala Cynwyd, Bryn Mawr, St. Davids, and West Chester, PA, along with Mt. Laurel, NJ and Wilmington, DE.

Richard Stamps, President and CEO, created Total Access Medical in 2002 due to personal frustrations with the current health system. TAM’s direct primary care model includes an affordable, flat-rate annual fee with no copayments for unrestricted access to a concierge doctor of the patient’s choice.

Additional benefits of Total Access Medical include:

  • Increased access to your primary care concierge physician via personal cell and email
  • Increased access to our Total Wellness Network
  • Personal relationship with YOUR primary care provider
  • Annual Comprehensive Physical Exam
  • Same-day and next-day appointment availability
  • Telehealth appointments
  • Online access to medical records and wellness tools
  • Coordination with specialists, hospitalists, or other medical care providers

To learn more about Total Access Medical visit www.totalaccessmedical.com or call 800-318-6125. Specific features and benefits may vary by physician. A Total Access Medical Personal Care Representative may offer additional details on services.

For media interviews with local physicians or Total Access Medical executive, please call Leslie Padilla at 267-800-4316 or email LPPR@icloud.com.

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