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EP 301 Part 2 | Spotlight on SOMEDOCS | “Opportunities FOR DOCTORS on Social Media with Founder Dana Corriel, MD”

Listen to Part 1 of our Interview with Dr. Dana Corriel here …

Today on The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast Michael Tetreault and Dr. Dana Corriel, the Founder/CEO of SoMeDocs discuss the importance of helping Doctors understand their role on Social Media in today’s increasingly “socially distant” culture.

By Michael Tetreault, Host/The DocPreneur Leadership Podcast; Editor-in-Chief, Concierge Medicine Today/The DPC Journal

Today we sit down for Part 2 of 4 with Dr. Dana Corriel, MD the Founder/CEO of SoMeDocs (SoMeDocs.com).

She is a healthcare branding/strategy expert and a Medscape Top 20 Physician Influencer.

“I created a company called SoMeDocs – short for Doctors on Social Media – which has now grown into multiple active physician platforms across social media. We aim to impact healthcare on a global scale by focusing on communication capabilities using online tools,” said Dr. Corriel.

About SoMeDocs
SoMeDocs (Doctors on Social Media) is physician-run & provides networking opportunities/social media tools for online physician growth & connection. SoMeDocs strives to amplify physician voices, ideas, & businesses, in unique & innovative ways!

Connect with SoMeDocs

We are a large network of physicians, existing in multiple platforms, including a physician-only FB group called ‘Doctors on Social Media’ (which we call SoMeDocs for short). We provide tools needed for healthcare social media growth, no matter what the goals, to create healthcare’s online voices and influencers.

Check out our website, at www.SoMeDocs.com. We help to amplify physician voices by highlighting their work (new: patient voices will be debuting soon, to connect our worlds!) and providing a space where they can uniquely shine.

Check out our FB groups, where we can engage and network, to grow our voices, ideas, and businesses. Opportunities presented there, and regularly!

For physicians-only: www.facebook.com/groups/somedocs. For all: www.facebook.com/groups/somedocspublic

Check out our Twitter account, at www.Twitter.com/SoMeDocs: we host weekly chats, every Wed at 8 PM EST, on a gamut of topics, spanning from light and fun, to serious and educational. We also retweet physician work.

Check out our Instagram page, at www.Instagram.com/SoMeDocs, where we post a unique blend of physician work and visually stunning smorgasbord of ideas to get inspired by and connect!

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SoMeDocs Databank: physicians increase visibility by creating a unique snapshot of their online and real-life capabilities. Interested 3rd parties who seek physician influencers can readily peruse through this public list.

Resources Mentioned

Dana’s Profile – linkedin.com/in/drcorriel
Somedocs.com (Company Website)
DrCorriel.com (Blog)

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