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(Trending) Accresa and Paladina Health partner in support of growing number of employers choosing innovative benefit models to reduce costs and improve the patient experience.


DALLAS – November 20, 2019 – A growing number of employers are choosing innovative healthcare benefit models like direct primary care (DPC) to help reduce costs and improve the patient experience.

Accresa, a Dallas-based healthcare technology provider, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Paladina Health, a nationwide direct primary care provider delivering better health outcomes through a personalized, data-driven approach to primary care. Accresa’s proprietary payments technology will support Paladina Health’s growing footprint and make DPC more widely available and scalable for employer-sponsored health plans.

Employers seeking a solution to mitigate rising healthcare costs and provide their employees access to high quality healthcare through DPC frequently encounter barriers to adoption and expansion with the group health plan market.

“More than 60% of Americans rely on their employer to access and pay for healthcare benefits, but many of the systems that employers use today simply aren’t designed to support these types of emerging healthcare payment models,” said William Short, chief executive officer of Accresa and its parent company, Ameriflex.

The Accresa platform, which capitalizes on the company’s 20-year track record of developing payments technology for employer-sponsored health plans, delivers the administrative interface and payments mechanisms required to bridge the gap between employers and health systems and provider networks like Paladina Health. In addition to managing the complex payment and reconciliation processes between employers, employees, and a diverse clinical network (or networks), the Accresa system allows clinics and networks to easily affiliate with other healthcare providers and customize plan offerings in response to evolving employer needs.

“Partnering with forward-thinking organizations who share our vision of transforming healthcare will accelerate the changes needed to improve health outcomes and decrease medical costs,” said Chris Miller, chief executive officer, Paladina Health. “Accresa offers proprietary technology for employers to administer and grow a robust DPC benefit, and we look forward to working together so that more individuals and their families can experience the positive outcomes of this proven solution.”

“Paladina Health represents everything this model should be,” said Short. “It’s a privilege to put our technology to work to support the expansion of that model to more employers and employees nationwide.”

About Ameriflex
Ameriflex is recognized as one of the nation’s largest independent administrators of consumer-driven health plans. Built organically and with an unwavering commitment to sustainable growth that puts the best interests of our clients first, Ameriflex continues to reinvest in smart, integrated user tools and technologies, best-in-class service, and advocacy efforts – all geared toward reducing healthcare costs and providing frictionless service and unparalleled tranquility to the brokers and clients with whom we work. For more information go to www.myameriflex.com.

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