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PRO TIP! How to follow up with first-time Patients (I’m a Patient, So I know. :) )

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By Michael Tetreault, Editor in Chief

We love to ask Doctors in DPC, Convenient Care and Concierge Medicine what they do when a first-time Patient enters, exits and eventually returns.

That’s the goal, right? Return?

Getting the next step right can be a challenge. Your next-step in this “intake strategy” should focus on the Patient and not the Practice. This is where it can be difficult to know what to do next.

So what do Membership Medicine Doctors do? What do they do differently than others in healthcare?

Here’s a few tips they’ve shared with us at The DPC Journal, and our sister publication, Concierge Medicine Today and our annual CONCIERGE MEDICINE FORUM conference that may help you:

  1. Send a ‘Thank You Note’ from the DOCTOR (not the staff) within 24-hours of the visit through the mail!

That’s it!

You don’t have to make follow-up incredibly complicated. But, if that’s your style and you want more ideas, here’s a few more that might be effective as well:

  1. Pick up the phone when they call. DO NOT let it go to voice mail (if during business hours)
  2. Text them back if they text you first within 1-75-minutes. 2-3 hours is pushing it. DEFINITELY NOT 24 hours or later before a response!
  3. Follow up with a text message (keep it simple) the next morning after 9am but before 11am (I don’t know why — that’s just what they recommend), just to say ‘Thank you, FIRST NAME, I enjoyed meeting you yesterday and look forward to our next communication.’

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